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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    Hate the packaging, Obi's right arm looks like it needs to be amputated. Hoepfully it looks better in person.
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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    I think these look fantastic!! I cna't wait to see them on the pegs next year!!!
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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    Action features...wonderful.
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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    Can't wait for these. thanks to the pakage I won't have to buy two of each It looks like I will beable to display them without opening
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    the packaging looks horrible. looks like lots of easily crushed bubbles. and the return of action features, how exciting.

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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    I really don't like that new packaging, way too garish IMO. The only figure I'm really interested in out of these four is the astromech droid. He looks pretty damn cool.

    Some of those other figures (on the cardbacks) look really promising to me. I'm looking forward to seeing some better pics of those two Greivous figures, and the Clone Trooper.

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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    I agree, the packing sucks, but it is growing on me. I think it's just because the astro looks so cool as Reefer said. No mater how bad we hate the card we all will be running to the SW section to get them.
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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    Damn, those look horrible - I'll pass on all 4.
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    Re: Carded ROTS figures!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy
    Action features...wonderful.
    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. But it does seem that Hasbro has the good sense to not use button activated gimmicks, as these are all the "squeeze legs" kind. At least they wont look stupid with big buttons coming out of their backs.


    Tion Medon looks cool to me. A basic alien with a weapon -- good stuff. R4-G9 looks super, he comes with some kind of holo-projection accessory it seems. Mace looks really good. I know it's hard to tell from these photos, but I think this one's gonna be a good one. (I hope! Most of the others have sucked.) No crazy face Mace this time. As for Obi-Wan, I really hope this one's decent. We haven't had a good Obi-Wan figure since... since... well, this one better be good. His beard looks a bit too dark in the photo, but at least this time he won't have a lame braid or have hair like a crazed drifter.

    On the back of the cards, it looks like some good stuff. Looks like Anakin, Yoda, a Super Battle Droid (this time with some decent articulation I hope), Chewbacca, Clone Trooper, R2-D2 with little jet things, Grievous in a cloak, and then some other droid (or maybe it's Grievous without the cloak and a bunch of sabers?)

    The cards are OK. I'm not wild about them, but they're not terrible. There's no way I'm gonna be able to find cases to put them in, so I'm pretty sure that I'll only buy a few to keep carded. But who knows? They may end up looking much better in person.

    All in all, seems waaaaay cooler than what we had for AOTC so far.


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