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Thread: The Evil Remake

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    The Evil Remake

    Variety breaks the shocking news:
    "Spider-Man 2" director Sam Raimi and original producing partners Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell are reteaming to produce a remake of the cult hit "The Evil Dead" through Ghost House Pictures, the joint venture of Raimi, Tapert and Senator Intl.

    Raimi wrote, directed and produced the 1981 "Dead," which tells of five twentysomething friends holed up in a remote cabin who discover a Book of the Dead. When an archaeologist's taped translation of the text and its incantations is replayed, the youths unwittingly summon dormant demons that possess them.

    Raimi will not direct the remake, so Ghost House is looking for a helmer to reinvent the franchise before a script is written.

    Original pic spawned subsequent installments "Evil Dead II" and "Army of Darkness."

    "Dead" will be fully financed by Senator Intl., which will hold worldwide rights to pic. Exec VP of motion pictures Nathan Kahane will oversee the pic for Senator.

    " 'The Evil Dead' is such a special film to Sam, Rob, Bruce and horror fans that we are going to take great care in renewing this franchise," said Joe Drake, Senator Intl. prexy. "By keeping its original formula intact and given audiences' appetite for horror, we expect that we'll have a real hit on our hands."

    Pic follows Ghost House's first horror release, "The Grudge," which has grossed more than $100 million worldwide to date.

    Senator and Ghost House are developing a sequel to "Grudge."

    Other upcoming pics include "Dibbuk Box" from the Pang brothers; "Scarecrow"; "30 Days of Night," in partnership with Columbia; and "Boogeyman," to be released by Screen Gems in February."

    I will say this, the only good news I read in this article is the small blip about the Pang Brothers' Dibbuk Box. I look forward to that, but not so much the Evil Dead remake.
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    Re: The Evil Remake

    I'll watch an Evil Dead remake, why not ? They're remaking so many other movies, might as well do this one, too.
    I wonder who is going to be in it ? Will it be loaded with CGI or will Tom Sullivan bring some old school flavor to the film ?

    Seriously though, if they find success with this remake hopefully it will prompt an ED4 project (think Dawn '04 and Romero's upcoming Land).

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    Re: The Evil Remake

    So somebody does care. Three months later, but someone cares.
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    Re: The Evil Remake

    "I care."
    -Luke Skywalker-

    By the way friend, I forgot to add in that other thread that I fully agree with your view of ED2 as NOT being a remake of the first film.

    It's definitely a continuing sequel, it just suffers from the reshot recap which does make it look confusing but it's still a definite sequel ! ! !

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    Re: The Evil Remake

    I think a remake is a dumb idea. The original had 99 problems, but it was interesting if for no other reason than it showed you could be pretty effective with a shoestring budget, the ultimate in indie cool. Take away the lo-fi charm and I am not sure how much is left.
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