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    Selling my collection.

    Hey guys I was wondering about a few things. I have recently got in a wreck. I am desperatly trying to get a new vehicle but do not have quite enough for a down payment. I am thinking about selling my Star Wars collection. #1. How would I find out how much its worth? #2. Should I list it for this price on Ebay. #3. For you guys out there who have sold your collection did you regret it in the long run or were you happy you did? My collection really serves no purpose right now. I don't have a whole lot of money to get new things. At least half if not more is open, and is kind of getting in the way. I love Star Wars to death, but am not shure if it is time to cut it loose. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    Re: Selling my collection.

    To answer your question point by point:

    Well, if you're truly interested in the current monetary "value" of the items in your collection, ebay is the place to start. You can get an idea of what pieces like yours are currently going for.

    You can always list your stuff on ebay with a reserve if you're concerned about meeting a specific price. It's been my experience (and this is by no means substantiated with any sort of statistical backing, in other words, results NOT guaranteed!) that starting an auction with a lower price and no reserve will typically receive more attention (and more bids) than those with higher starting prices and no reserves. Of course, there's a risk you run in doing so.

    You'll also need to decide if you want to sell in a lot or individually. You'll make more overall if you sell your pieces individually, but that's going to take a lot more time and effort.

    Don't underestimate the value of the classified sections of this and other collections sites too when you're looking to sell.

    Lastly, yes, I have parted with part of my collection when I was getting together the downpayment on my house. I wish I hadn't. I spent so much time and energy assembling the collection, that it was more valuable to me in emotional terms than what I got in $$ in return. It's also been a hassle to go back and replace those items.

    In short, if you have ANY doubts at all about parting with all or part of your collection, if there's any other way to raise the money, that's what I'd do.
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    Re: Selling my collection.

    I'm moving in the same loading my collection in '05 for 3 key reasons.

    1. getting married in Sept and moving tub after tub of toys and then re-finding a home for them doesn't appeal to me...and the extra money would be much needed for the wedding expenses.

    2. when I started this hobby, I told myself that when ep. III hit I would sell off half if not all the carded collection. Did it for fun and for profit, and ep. III is right around the corner.

    3. space and time, getting married is the major factor right now, but before that I'd go into the basement and the tubs took up half of the basement, half of my closet upstairs and started to migrate into my woodshop. I've reached my saturation point so most of it, or all of it has to go.

    As for selling it, since most is open, you're not going to get a lot. Most open figs sell for a dollar and change. Some might go for 5 or a little more if its hard to find, but open figs are common and selling them would be more work that what its worth. By the time you got it all together, listed it, photo'ed it and off loaded it, you could have put in more time at work to make extra $ and keep the collection. But if you have to sell or need to sell the loose and carded stuff.

    I would suggest you go to the local magazine shop or comic shop and pick up the latest Lee's or Tomart toy guides and just thumb through the price guide to get a feel for the medium range price. Then I'd watch some stuff on ebay. Ebay at time is an odd beast. I've seen new pieces sell for less than store price and I've seen auctions sky rocket when identical auctions don't even get a bid. I've seen red card jawas (short run figure on red cards) go for 2 buck to 15 depending on the day. With Ebay you can make a little money, or take a loss. But that's a typical risk you run no matter where or how you sell it off. If its loose you're looking at dollar and change per figure.

    Other options are, the various classified sections on the various star wars forums, you could talk with the guys at the comic shops to see if they can put you in touch with the guys who go to the toy shows or sell the toys...They might even know local buyers or collectors. They might even buy the figs from you. But the comic shops have good leads. Some even have a board that you can post the stuff your selling or if your looking for anything and you can sell locally and won't have to pack or ship stuff.

    I do know that Brians toys and some other on line vendors buy if your really desperate, but you won't get a good deal from them.

    The main problem is right now the demand for old figs isn't that great. Some of the toy guides reflect this, as do the on-line vendors. There was a site that was selling some of the luke hoth wave figures for 2 bucks or less...carded. The steady and constant movers are the hard to find figs or the new figs.

    Check out the guides, watch ebay, talk to some guys at the comic shops and think hard about what you're willing to part with and what you're looking for in ways of price. I know you can't figure in gas, your personal time, or personaly value, but if you have to pay for a new might want to sell off some hard to find carded stuff, but depending on what you have in your collection, the loose figs won't even dent the price tag for your new or used car.

    If you think you'll regret selling it since you love it...don't do it. find other means or ways to get the money.

    But good luck.
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    Re: Selling my collection.

    I've been seriously considering getting rid of my stuff also. I'm also getting married soon (in May) and I'm not sure how much room I'm going to have for it. Plus, the extra cash wouldn't hurt.

    I stopped collecting years ago, and now 99% of it is stuffed in rubbermaid tubs, sitting in the spare bedroom.
    It was fun while I did it, but now, it's just...stuff sitting in a tub. It was never a profit thing (but that would've been a nice bonus) It was a hobby that ended because it got too costly and lost it's fun.
    Now, I buy what I want and rip 'er open. It's more fun and rewarding that way.

    chrisc and tjovonovich, keep me updated as to how you go about selling your stuff.
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    Re: Selling my collection.

    I'm going to offer the good stuff to another collector and what he doesn't want is going to be sold to a toy dealer.

    What doesn't get sold or is a poor seller will be given away to friends kids.

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    Re: Selling my collection.

    One of the better ways is to list it in the selling forums, I think offering individually will get you the best results. Janfofett96 and Greengoblin did this and I purchased from them as well as some others o nthe boards. Offering them as singles helps others fill in their holes, and can net you better sales as to offering them as a whole collection. If I needed 3 from your lists, I would buy those three as to buying 200 pieces just to get those three.
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    Re: Selling my collection.

    It pains me to see collectors who decide to sell off their entire collections . . . so much of this stuff ends up being basically worthless (as compared to what we paid for it) that I can't even see the point in it.

    What kind of car are you looking to buy, and what value is the car ? If you're that desperate to get a car, I'm sure you can get something cheap in due time. If you really need the money THAT badly, then I think it will take quite a long time to scrounge up anything from a general collection unless you are sitting on a goldmine of vintage carded figures or something.

    As for the marriage factor, I think it's a risky decision to make unless you are sure you don't want it. If you're doing it just to save space or money for the wedding costs, I hope nobody gets burned when the very possible divorce sets in because you might want those toys back.

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    Re: Selling my collection.

    I'm getting rid of most of my collection. but I'm giving it away if it's an opened item and only asking for a contribution if it's boxed. This stuff is just plastic junk culture artifacts. not the crown jewels or plutonium. Time some people had a wake up call and realised that all this stuff is really is next century's non biodegradable pollution. bits of card and plastic. hardly worth shouting about.

    seen many a guy walk into a collectibles store with a box full of stuff his girlfriend is making him get rid of, thinking it's worth mucho moolah. only to be told it's worth pennies. Ha.

    I have a large collection. spent a lot on it. don't really care now it's money spent and gone. sure I'll find some kid that'll be really grateful to recieve a big box of star wars toys to trash. gonna wait til the buzz of next year to do it. Make someone happy rather than try to fleece them.

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    Re: Selling my collection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    As for the marriage factor, I think it's a risky decision to make unless you are sure you don't want it. If you're doing it just to save space or money for the wedding costs, I hope nobody gets burned when the very possible divorce sets in because you might want those toys back.
    I have no problem in getting rid of it all. As I said before, I stopped when it stopped being fun (and too expensive). And now, it's all just sitting in tubs. I haven't even looked at some of it in years. I see it as yet another thing I don't use that I'll have to find a place to store it somewhere. I'd much rather see someone have it that can appreciate it more than I do now.
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    Re: Selling my collection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocketboy
    I'd much rather see someone have it that can appreciate it more than I do now.
    And who could that person be? *cough*istillneedthetheatereditionluke*cough*
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