We had one a long time ago in the Replicas/Props section, but its time for a new one with all the stuff going on like Mini-Busts, Statues, Maquettes Bust-Ups. So a bit of news for the 1st post.....

My Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot and Gamorrean Guard Minibusts arrived in the mail today! The Luke is 3001/7500 and the Gamorrean 183/4000. The Gamorrean came with the Princess Leia Bust-Up, and Luke came with the Han Solo Bust-Up. Couldnt find the one that came with Luke at first -kind of tucked away in the foam.

Has anybody else noticed that GG has the WORST handwriting, I can barely tell what number I have on each product. The number on the bottom of my Luke bust is almost non-existant.

Anyhow, the Clone Wars Obi-Wan Maquette has shipped out and is arriving at several etailers. I believe the ARC Trooper and Padme are shipping next!