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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Scored a Target Clone!
    My buddy moved down near Allentown recently and has been making trips back to get stuff from storage. Anyhow he mentioned he was stopping at the Target down there before heading up, so I asked him to looked.
    Said he found the last one! Wife said the the same thing so I doubt he was saying for dramatic effect.
    I told him, you either find it when they are putting them out or there arfent any left at all.


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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Midnight at The Wally WB Nothing, I was there about 11:50.
    Didn't even see anything ready on the floor.
    Unless...does Wally have Hasbro printed on the cases?
    Or do they just say "Dolls" ?
    Section was a mess.
    People are savages.


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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Nothing this Morning at Wally WB or WB Target.


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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    OK, I'm just wondering...there were complaints that no one would reply or report, but now that I did just that it seems to have fallen of deaf ears. It got silent the moment I posted.

    I was either to early or to late at Wally WB tonight.

    There were a few Commanders and some others from that wave, but no Gunners. Somone has a huge army, more than what we will most likly see in the movie.

    Between the Scalpers and Army Building Maniacs, its no wonder why this hobby has gone to s$#t.

    Just have to hope Hasbro does the same with this SA Clone as it did with the EE Exclusives or some of us may never see them.

    I never even saw the first SA Clone on the shelves.

    As for the Gunner, I'm very lucky it seems to have gotten one when I did, my friend Adam has yet to snag one. We were fools enough to think we would find these down the road, but people refuse to leave something for everyone.

    With this attitude, you will force people to snag everything they see, just because they are afraid they won't see it again, maybe this is what part of the problem is as well.

    So, you asked for reports and I started to give some, but I have yet to get a welcome. I assume 2 people are enough for the boat at this time, not enough figures to go around if you add another fellow collector!

    Why bother to complain that no one posts then? Only to ignore mine.

    Not enough toys to go around I guess.

    Well, maybe I'll see you in the isle boys.

    Take Care

    Mearl(aka Doc)
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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    I, for one, have either been out of town, going bonkers sifting through job applications, or trying to kill a $&%*#*$ mouse that likes to run off with traps (did kill him yesterday morning though). So...while a bit belated, welcome to the thread.

    As for your store reports, it's pretty much the same thing I've found on the rare occasions I look anymore. I've found everything I want up to Governor Tarkin and Mustafar Anakin, so I haven't really been looking much this past week or two.

    Unfortunately, I do have a problem.

    I am rather offended by your insinuation that I buy up a store's entire inventory. I know what it's like to miss out because of other people. Yeah, I'll admit I've bought multiples (2-3) of the army builders, but I spread it out over several store trips. I could've had an entire ARC crew the first time I found the pilots, but I would've cleaned house doing it. Instead, I had to spend two weeks trying to find the second pilot and the AT-TE Gunner for the rear cockpit.

    The only time I've personally ever cleared out a store's entire stock of a figure is when there's only ONE on the shelf. What should I do? Take half of it. I always make sure I leave some for the next guy.

    On the chance our paths ever cross in a store, yeah, you might find my basket rather full, but that's only because I'm buying for more than one person, and that's because these things are so difficult to find.

    Honestly, I'm not looking to start some on-line battle with area collectors. I said what I said last week because it's been frustrating seeing that only two people were posting here. To be honest, I'm less interested in the store finds and more interested in the discussion. But if someone's going to insinuate that I'm a scalper or just a basic jacka**, then forget it. I don't want to discuss anything. And I'm sorry that I've been busy with my personal, non-SW life in the last 48 hours to be a welcoming party here, but it's only been two days.

    Relax, nobody's blowing you off. If I was, I wouldn't be writing this.

    Now that we've gotten our worst feet forward, it's probably a good idea to bring the best ones forward now. I've expressed my frustrations, and so have you. We'll just move from there.
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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Not once did I day it was you, I was upset that no one replied, for which I apologize, I realize there is more to life than Star Wars, in my case at the moment its Micronauts...that was a joke.
    My post was intentionally provocative I'll admit, I was trying to push out a scoundrel or two, but as per past experiences, I realize now there is nothing that will get them out of the woodwork.
    Its obvious neither one of us are the thing we just described, but are of the same collector mentality, this is refreshing to see.
    So my best feet are now forward and thanks for the welcome.
    My post worked, I got ya really riled up there, sorry to torture you, but I'll tell ya, I'm fortunate to have met some of the collectors that I have who think like I do, I'm sure you feel the same way. Thousands of views and no reports, that the hell is going on in this state?
    What # is that Anakin? So I know to tell you next time I see him, I don't pay much attention to anything outside of the Clones, or if some of my friends give me a specific.


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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    I was a little late today.
    My Clone report:

    TRU WBabout 7 cases of figure, one was the Holo Yoda, about 3 wer the Gunner wave, bunch of Commander, on Pilot, no Gunners.

    Target WB:One Commander, No Gunners or Pilots

    K-Mart Pittston, a few Pilots and Commanders, no Gunners

    So much for leaving a few on the pegs eh?
    The only reason I say this is because I have a feeling its one or two people(not you Sith or your buddy)


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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Fair enough. It was just written in a way that really seemed directed as those of us in this thread. I re-read your post, and it's because of your constant use of "you" (and since very few of us are in here...) But like I said, fair enough. As long as we're all on the same page here. I also hadn't had my coffee yet this morning, so...

    Anyways, Wal-Mart in WB has several deluxe Vader Operating Tables, several deluxe jetpack Clonetroopers, a Vulture Droid, two commanders, two Polis Massans, a Chopper Droid, and a blue saber Palpatine. That was at 8:15ish this morning though. There should be something left at least.
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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Same results in Scranton.
    Sign in target said 1 Clone per guest, none left.
    I was told by a guy i met there that if you call ahead they will hold one for you if they have it.


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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    No sense in us being bitter, seems as though we are all of like minds.
    The fact that you guys post at all speaks volumes IMO.
    I tend to get a bit bitter and push it a bit...but, I know when I crossed the line.
    Now...lets find these new freakin toys!

    I'm after #41 #45 and #49 Adam still needs a Gunner, so he has first dibs


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