Well, this is a new thread, isn't it! Arranged by state, very cool, very cool .

I went shopping to the Wilkes-Barre Wegman's last night and had a "new" find...
Episode 1 figures, again!
These are brand-spankin new, they are $1.99 for the figures and $2.99 for the Commtech reader. They have about 60+ readers and these figures:

Senator Palpatine
Darth Sidious
Chancellor Valorum
Ric Olie(sorry, no weird hand variants!)
Mace Windu
OOM-9(I have to look, it's a .0000, but I can't remeber if the binoculars in hand is the rare version....?)
Gasgano/Pit Droid
Tarpals(nice to see him with the new TRU version in stores... )
Boss (now I'm really gonna show you how I can shrink before POTJ) Nass

I can not believe that as of 11/19 you can actually go into a regular old retail store and buy new Ep1 figures.
Since I unloaded a lot of these a few years back(loooong story,won't bore all of you out there), I grabbed C3PO, a Sidious with a chin that was actually fully painted, and a OOM that didn't have bent arms.

I'll report back-I'm definitely hittin the Dickson City Wegman's to-night!

BTW, I'm gonna toy hunt after hitting SpongeBob at the Cin-e-mark!
Good luck on the finds(I know, for all my rants this week about Hasbro, a toy run WOULDN'T seem in order, but Fridays seem to be lucky....I hope....).