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    Northeastern/Central PA

    Well, this is a new thread, isn't it! Arranged by state, very cool, very cool .

    I went shopping to the Wilkes-Barre Wegman's last night and had a "new" find...
    Episode 1 figures, again!
    These are brand-spankin new, they are $1.99 for the figures and $2.99 for the Commtech reader. They have about 60+ readers and these figures:

    Senator Palpatine
    Darth Sidious
    Chancellor Valorum
    Ric Olie(sorry, no weird hand variants!)
    Mace Windu
    OOM-9(I have to look, it's a .0000, but I can't remeber if the binoculars in hand is the rare version....?)
    Gasgano/Pit Droid
    Tarpals(nice to see him with the new TRU version in stores... )
    Boss (now I'm really gonna show you how I can shrink before POTJ) Nass

    I can not believe that as of 11/19 you can actually go into a regular old retail store and buy new Ep1 figures.
    Since I unloaded a lot of these a few years back(loooong story,won't bore all of you out there), I grabbed C3PO, a Sidious with a chin that was actually fully painted, and a OOM that didn't have bent arms.

    I'll report back-I'm definitely hittin the Dickson City Wegman's to-night!

    BTW, I'm gonna toy hunt after hitting SpongeBob at the Cin-e-mark!
    Good luck on the finds(I know, for all my rants this week about Hasbro, a toy run WOULDN'T seem in order, but Fridays seem to be lucky....I hope....).

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Well, well, well. Saw the SpongeBob movie, really enjoyed it, laughed alot.

    The toy run-didn't laugh alot.

    To draw from Spongebob:

    Plankton(to robot wife Linda):
    "THAT'S IT! I'll put the BRAIN in the ROBOT BODY!!!"

    Darth Alex to Brother James:
    "THAT'S IT! I'll just order CASES off the INTERNET!

    I went out on 11/19 and 11/20, covering from Bloomsburg to WB to Scranton and DC.
    Nothing new and out of the ordinary(like the Ep1 @ Wegmans) to report.

    Wegmans- DC didn't get anything in except TWO whole Commtech Readers...!

    Other than the odd VOTC ROTJ figure at Target in WB, pickings are real slim.
    I finally snapped and ordered some POTC Cantina Wave online from Bryans of all places. For all the COMPLAINING I do about paying Bryan's prices, I must admit that it seems that only THEY actually HAVE toys in when I WANT to BUY THEM. 'Nuff said.

    I'll occasionally stop in a store if I already need something else from it, then go to the toy aisle. But, no more of this, HEY!, it's Friday, let's go on a toy run NONSENSE.

    I'm just gonna order the Bib Fortuna case online, too. Then, I'm done with the OTC until 2/1/05.

    I'll go out in February and get the ROTS Sneak-Peak wave. If I see that people are finding stuff in NE/CL PA, I'll go out. But....retail and Hasbro really don't have a solid relationship to get toys out anymore, that much is clear.

    Good luck to you all this week, but I'm sleeping in this Black Friday. I don't expect to see anything new at retail aside from the ODD SINGLE CASE once in a great while until 02/05. Peace, out....

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Well, I was out on Wednesday shopping....had a minor find....the 05 line at TRU in DC!
    The Dickson City(DC) store is hit & miss, I was up in Scranton anyway, so I stopped and found a Yarna and a Pablo 'J' in mint con-dish, and the $5.99 price is in full effect for this wave. Picked up a Yarna, will probably grab one more for the "I need three for a Senate box scene". Still can't get away from army-building....
    Target in DC had all ESB and ROTJ VOTC figs in, including 3 (!) C3POs!

    Not much else to report, the Cantina POTC case will be here on 11/30, so I'll post reviews....still have some reviews to post from the 1st 5 POTC figs....

    For what it's worth, seeing all the photos of the Vader and the Chewie, Dooku, etc from ROTS is really keeping my hope alive in this hobby. They all look great and at $6 a pop, I'd say they're worth it.

    Hope everyone had a good Turkey/Thanksgiving Day, good luck huntin this weekend...
    Han Solo:"'re gonna need it....!"

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    I haven't had time to post and I'm not doing much hunting these days, but here's da round-up for the past few days:

    WB has been getting in the ROTJ VOTC case, minus C3PO, more and more. They finally got in the case with the Biker Scout, they had 5 this past weekend. Sith Lord, good to run into you, sorry about yer troubles, will call soon to trade!
    DC has been getting in the ROTJ C3PO case, they still have 3 of them as of last night.
    They also had 1 Biker Scout last night.
    Both stores have been getting in the HOF wave(whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?).

    Nothing special at either location, no more Yarnas, no new Jedi Councils; 3-4 have yet to show.

    WB has TONS of the Blue Snaggle Cantina. And you can build yer Lobot armies...

    ***************************non SW remark**************************
    TRU in WB has several DOC OCKs. Just wanted to mention it if ya need him.
    ************************************************** **************

    I'm gonna stop going there until I see word of the Titanium collection hitting.
    Do the stores have ANY idea how to stock different figures?

    Yes, it's true, as RS is reporting, the KB in DC/Viewmont mall has the 12" OTC Chewie.
    The boxes look like they've been tossed in a football game and although I was holiday(yeah,right!) shopping last night and delerious, the price was either 29.99 or 34.99.
    It's really pathetic that I am pretty picky and I can't remember the price, but they ARE there if you want 'em.

    I did order a case of the new POTC Cantina wave from Bryans and I will officially quit complaining about their pricing. Each new figure was $10, I'll kindly shut up now, that is a very fair price considering how lousy the stores stock around here. I only wanted a small squad(read:4!) of Biker Scouts, so I got one in the case to go with the 3 I got at Target the other night. All I can say is, way to go Hasbro, the new figures are AWESOME. Dannick is great, nice "face tendrils", nice "hooka thing" that can hook on his side. Trevagg can hold his gun w/o the clear rubberbandthingy due to a notch in palm(Hasbro, THANK YOU for finally listening about the gun-hand thing). Myo is just *****in! All have multiple joint, REALLY solid knee ball joints, and all have ball joint post heads. I'll review them soon, I gotta get runnin'.

    Good luck huntin, I guess I'm gonna get Bib & Piggy off of Amazon if they don't disappear or just grab a Bryan's Case(tm)!

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Nothing new to report, was out shopping on the weekend, hit a few stores in WB, nothing special to report except 3 ROTJ VOTC C3POs at Target in WB last night(I can't always post right away, so I did this ASAP, right now.)

    I just read the price raises on RS and
    Ya know, the General G 4 armed saber master figure is great, but I don't know how devoted I'll be to this hobby if I have to shell out $7 plus tax a figure.
    If that's the case, I'll get a few major characters, do NO army building, and say it's been swell. I'm tired of paying for more packaging and stupid action features.

    well, 'Nuff said.

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Out Holiday shopping is finally picking up:
    The Wilkes-Barre report:
    Kmart-$16.99 for the Cantina Scenes. Nice markdown. 1 + 2 in full effect, still. They also had a brand new sw display up above the pegs. 3 cases worth of the 1st 5 POTC figures....Brother James, Sith Lord, I nabbed you both a Sly Moore, I give you both calls later today! But, wow, man!
    TRU- Jedi Councils 3 + 4 are HERE! 4-6 each, nice to see. They got in a case of 12 of the 1st 5 POTC figures as well, all were there, although there was only one Pablo in da houze.
    Target- All 12 VOTC figures are there, 2 C3POs when I left and one Stormie, multiples of all the other 10. They're still on the $4 something figure sale, nothing new though...could get the Cloud Car Pi-LOT cheaply for army building...just a suggestion.

    Nice as this all is....WHERE IS THE OTC Imperial Scan Guy case and the Bib/Piggy case at? Now I'm finding the POTC, but still none of the tailend of the OTC making out at retail. It's gonna be Bryans or Amazon this weekend, I just know it...

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    The hunt is back on tommorrow.
    I'll be travelling on "business(don't ask...)" to Williamsport and running up and down to Scranton/DC as well. Look for a post on Wednesday with hopefully some finds.

    BTW-again, for the BILLIONTH time, where is Bib-Gamorean-ISC Tech-Slave Leia and Hoth Vader at? Are these exclusive to the MOON?

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Local round-up:

    Hazleton Area:
    Toyworks- picked clean. A clerk claims new stuff will be put out soon....?
    Kmart- POTC Yarua(spelled it RIGHT!), Jill, and Queen still in the house.
    Walmart- Titanium Series has dropped!!! I posted a review for those interested...only $5 bucks as well, not $10 as I've seen posted on other sites!
    Boscov's- couple of OTC, some Falcons, a VOTC Yoda...

    TRU- All 5 POTC (#1-#5) in stock, otherwise slim pickins...
    Walmart- Please, this chain is a joke. Some OTC and VOTC. Jaff, I'm sorry you're cool and intelligent and the AZ shippers are not.

    Walmart- Bossk fest, anyone...
    KB- same stuff, different day...

    I'm going to WB tonight, may make a stop or two. Will get the rest of the OTC online.
    Retail, you stink. It'll be great to see all the stores cash in on the Ep3 line, but will they still be in the mix this time next year? WILL THEY? Rant over....

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Just update, Walmart in Bloomsburg got in 4 cases of the Scanning Crew Tech(3) and 3 each of the new Bespin figs on Saturday. With the holidays, I couldn't post until now. Nice to finally see the trooper- fine paint job, and good 2004 facial detail.
    Going shopping tonight, hopefully the Animated Wave 3 are in store!

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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    Toys R Us in WB has two repackaged Dooku and Vader Unleashed and roughly four Mace Windu Unleashed. Target in WB also has several Maces as well. No major clearances around here yet though.
    "The boy you trained, gone he is...consumed by Darth Vader." - Yoda, Revenge of the Sith

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