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    Re: Northeastern/Central PA

    WOW, this thread has been getting....intense!
    Before anyone pops, I'm gonna throw my hat into this ring to try and continue to help calm things down.
    The problem with the hobby lies not in the people who collect it, whether they post here or not, whether they open stuff up or not, or even whether they scalp or not(although scalpers do have a special Dante level in Hades, I understand ).
    No, the problem is, as it has been since Spring of 2000....Hasbro's distribution and case assortments and the stocking practices of retail.
    We could even go back to the fall of '98, when the last case with the Darktrooper and Spacetrooper literally hit on ONE Thursday and ONE Saturday and were gone for good from NE PA.
    The fact that we are not quite yet at the ONE MONTH MARK(yes, some of us found stuff before 4/2, but anyway) and nationwide Hasbro has blown out 45 figures counting the 2 Royal Guards is amazing. What isn't is how hard some of these figures are to find.
    It's the same old-same old. Retail is NOT stocking enough of the new cases fast enough and Hasbro isn't putting enough of some figures out. The AT-TE gunner is a prime example.
    In a movie year, one can expect to see all SORTS of peolpe collect and stock should be on a major upswing.
    There should be no reasons for hostility on these forums. Just because, and this is mainly aimed at new members, you don't get a reply to a particular post does mean anything in should NOT take it personally. I've started threads and not gotten a response. Sometimes people don't have a particular response to a line of comment.
    As far as army builders and mutliple figure buyers, I'm both. I have my reasons and since we're 3 weeks away from the movie, I already don't hunt much. THERE'S NO POINT. I'm not doing it. If Hasbro/retailers can't figure out how to put enough of these TOYS out for people to buy em, IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM.
    Don't get too worked up...that's my advise. Law of averages for this hobby...sooner or later(apologies to Breaking Benjamin) you'll get what you want(unless you want 200 AT-TE gunners for a insane diorama, can't help you there ).

    I used to go out about 3 times a week. Now I hit some stores at night, some in the morning, but usually it's if I have to be out anyway.
    The new Target exclusive clone is an example. Yes, I want one. Yes, I'm gonna pick up an extra one for a friend who is disabled and can't drive. Yes, if I like it enough I'll blow my money on a squad of 4 for a diorama.
    Forget the whole one-per-person thing...if people want to buy a $13 Target exclusive, they SHOULD be able to walk into Target ANY TIME and buy the blasted thing. If the release date(which keeps shifting around on other SW collecting sites) was set in stone, I'd just go on that day and buy WHAT I WANT.
    Too bad it's never that easy.

    So, again, rent Gandhi if you have to, meditate, take a chill pill, but as a forum member I can say that these are just TOYS, people. No need to bunch up our panties over some plastic.

    it sound like people are making some GREAT finds. I hope May is a banner month for us all. If I find anything, myself or the mighty Sith LORD 0498 will let you know I'm sure. ...unless your scalping and preventing people from buying toys at a reasonable price, then I will have no CLUE what you're saying to me in english when you continue to stand in the Walmart aisle and ask me what the hot figure is....I can tell you now, if you're looking for hot SW toys, buy the ORCs. Red-hot, mate !
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