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    Passing on VOTC droids

    I just cannot bring myself to spend 10 bucks on figures do not have the added articulation as a selling point. The cards are nice, but I have been busting my figures out b/c they are just so darn cool.

    I might have gone in for an R2 had he been packed with every accessory that he has already been released with and a removable serving tray. For $10 he should also have machine finished dome piece.

    I do not know if I would ever plunk down $10 for a threepio. I cannot see it possibly being worth it. (interestingly, this the only VOTC figure I have yet to see on the rack).
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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    Totally understandable. I'm a sucker for R2, but that's the ONLY reason I went in for this figure - it's good, but it's not a $10 figure on its own merits, it's just a decent basic $5 figure. He's not without issues either though, the dome has a few smaller sculpt issues, the paint has some issues (like the white parts not matching up with other white parts, that one is a real killer), and the sensorscope is too short.

    3PO doesn't even look like a decent $5 figure though, his sculpt and paint situations seem really hit-or-miss, and then he's got only 5 points of articulation, sub-standard to most other 3POs. Right now, I'm on the fence, I have all 11 other VOTC now but I'm still not sure what will happen if I see VOTC 3PO on shelves, I may end up passing on him. Then again, I plunked down ten bucks for VOTC Yoda as soon as I saw it even though that thing is not worth the money, but I didn't have as much negative opinion on him as I do for this 3PO figure.
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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    To be completely honest none of these 12 figures are worth the $10 price tag but I still bought them all a) because I a pathetic completist and b) the pictures on these cards are great and totally make up for the price, IMO.

    I've got the 3PO and I'm not too very impressed with it. His head seems a little small and his face is squished together making his mouth look weird. The R2 has the fault (if you want to call it that) of having the chrome dome and not putting much action in action figure.
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    Thumbs down Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    I just want to ad that i also think the C-3PO is a collossal failure on Hasbro part. They offer an apology to the fans, and make a new one NOW! When this line was announced we all thought they would be the ultimate, definative versions of these characters. Now, having seen most of them, it's a big let down! I don't mind paying the $10 if I get what I want. I don't think that stands are to much to ask for at that price, and they can't say they didn't think most people would open them, or why would they have wasted time and money on they articulation that they did provide! The Obi-Wan, and the 3PO are the worst in my opinion! And i'm sick of that stupid "bicep" cut they put on Vader! C'mon Hasbro! Would it kill you to give us one decent sculpt, clean, articulated, "award ceremony" C-3PO?!!! And quick putting shiny, chrome domes on R2!

    To be fair, I think that Luke, Han, Boba, and the Trooper are great, I just wish they came with stands, and deeper peg holes!

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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    I have 11 of 12 of these figures. To me, I only bought them because it was a limited run. I really didnt want to get the droids, but decided to just for the complete set. The only double I have is of the Stormtrooper. I am going to open one of those. I still need ot find Fett, I want 2, but will settle for one. I might pick them up if they ever go on clearance and open a set if possible.
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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    KH I've seen and arse load of Fett's along with Stormies in VA Beach if you want to make the trip.
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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    I wonder if the "star case" they put around the figures, adds to the price? I mean, if they made the figures without the extra plastic case around it, would they be able to charge less at retail? I have paid around $5 for 1 or 2 star cases to protect certain figures I own. I did find Yoda, 3PO, R2 and Han to be dissapointing, so I only bought 1 of each. however, the Stormtroopers are so awesome, I bought 5 and opened 4 of them so far.
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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    I have to say that these figures are absolutely not worth the price. Yes, the star cases do bring up the price and while it looks nice I think they're unnecessary. Plus they help scalpers and other people buy the figures open the case and return it with an old figure in the case. I can't begin to tell you how many old Vaders, 3P0s and R2 figures I've seen hanging on the pegs. Are the people taking the returns blind or just plain stupid? I was at walmart the other day and I showed my girlfriend (who knows nothing about star wars and the toy line. She has no interest and I don't bother to bore her with my sickness) one of the returned items hanging on the pegs and asked her "Do you see anything wrong with this?" and sure enough she said: "That figure doesn't belong in that case! It's old and used." Now, why can't a person who works in the store notice this? Ridiculous I tell you. I'll wait til these things are on sale if they ever go on sale.
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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    The Stormie is worth it. But I think you will see these released more cheaply eventually- remember Fett 300?

    Like I said, I could have dug R2 if he had come with everyaccessory imaginable- a sort of uber-R2, but no such luck.

    And I just opened Vader. I thought his articulation would be like Stormie's. No such luck. Very disappointing, although he looks pretty good if you clip the cape back a little.
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    Re: Passing on VOTC droids

    I have all of the VOTC figures, but haven't yet opened C-3PO, Chewie, Boba, or the Stormtrooper. Here's what I think of the rest:

    *Luke - though he is a little short, even compared to X-wing and Jedi Luke, I think he's really good. The face is great for ANH-era Mark Hamill, and the articulation is awesome. I love how he can hold the saber with both hands. The cloth shirt can sometimes look too big but if you tuck it into his belt the right way, it works. I give him a B.
    *Han - I have no idea why this guy was such a pegwarmer for a long time, he's awesome! The articulation is awesome. I like how his holster/belt can move. This is really the perfect Han. A+
    *Leia - this one has pros and cons. The articulation is wonderful, but the face is horrible. It doesn't look remotely like her! I like the cloth skirt, though. B-
    *Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi - if you keep the cloak on, it's fine. If you take it off, something's horribly wrong. The arms are creepy, his head's tiny, and he doesn't have any freakin' knee articulation! He can't sit and watch Luke practice his saber techniques. Crap! C
    *Darth Vader - a winner for me. The only thing that's wrong for me is that his cape is too huge, but it looks cool. A+
    *Lando Calrissian - much better than the POTJ version. The articulation is very well done. A
    *Yoda - the cloth cloak is a little bulky, and the belt should be able to go around it! Maybe that's why the cloak folds over where it should go? I dunno. The face, cane, and snake are cool though. B-
    *R2-D2 - this is the best R2 ever made. Unfortunately, though, after looking at the films I noticed his accessories are all wrong - the 1998 buzzsaw was more correct, the extension arm is on the other side of his body, and the smaller door is open from the wrong side. Oh well, it's still very nice. A-
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