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    Black Friday 2004

    I admit it. I'm a Black Friday masochist. Every year I stand out in the cold just to save a few $$$. But hey, I'm a poor, starving grad student, so sue me.

    Usually I post some bootleg ads on SSG about this time of year. This year they've been harder to come by, but one site, Black Friday 2004 seems to have a decent amount of stuff posted. So if you can't wait for tomorrow's ads to come out please enjoy.

    Oh, and I'm sorry in advance if I run you over at TRU on the way to the Easy Bake ovens.
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    Re: Black Friday 2004

    MC, Is it because you are a starving Grad Student that you are going to trample everyone to get the Easy Bake Oven? Dude, all it makes are cakes, and I don't think that whoever markets the Easy Bake Oven intends it to be used as part of a healthy breakfast, or any other meal for that matter, or to be used to alleviate world hunger, well, Grad Student hunger. I know. I tried it, It JUST DOES NOT WORK! Son's-of-bi.. Anyway, MC, the best way to no longer be a starving Grad Student, is to just finish the degree, get a haircut, and get a Real job. Don't beat down some poor 6 year-old's.

    Seriously though, thanks for the info MC. That site is really helpful. I now have a plan as to where to go on Black Friday: Sears for a new freezer!!


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    Re: Black Friday 2004

    Hmm. I may have to wait until tomorrow, since I'm really hoping Circuit City does the "all CDs: 9.99" thing again. It would be breaking with tradition, and there's a lot of stuff I've been waiting on since I anticipated them running that sale again.
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    Re: Black Friday 2004

    No Circuit City sale this year on cd's. They will not be $9.99, They now have a sale on cd's that is $8.99 on all new releases. This is only on Tuesdays and wednesdays and only with new cd's. The only good sale I have heard of at Circuit City this year is that you can get a computer for $400.00 instantly in the store, and lab tops for the same price but through rebates. Other than that nothing to big. Oh and for you Star Wars fans out there, the droids cartoon, ewoks cartoon and ewok movie are all out on DVD and on sale for $8.99 at Circuit City. Happy Holidays and happy hunting everyone.

    Love, A.P.
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    Re: Black Friday 2004

    I haven't decided to go this year or not. I suppose the chance of finding the POTC Cantina wave is tempting though. But is it enough to brave the shopping cart gridlock of Wal-Mart and TRU? Those two stores are literally packed with bumper to bumper cart traffic inside for the first few hours. It's funny though, the mall (and K-Mart) is practically empty until later in the day.

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    Re: Black Friday 2004

    Got a ShopKo ad in the mail today. Doesn't look like they're having doorbusters, but they'll be open tomorrow. They are advertising all Fox DVD sets for $20. That includes 24 (season 2 for sure, not sure about S1) and Simpsons seasons 3 & 4. Best buy is advertising (so I've heard) 24 S1 and Simpsons S4 for $17.99.

    Nothing good at WM from what I've seen. I just got the ad in the mail today.
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    Re: Black Friday 2004

    Target already has the Easy Bake Oven on sale for $8.87, around $5 off it's regular price, and I wouldn't have to wait in some psycho Black Friday lineup of death. The reasons I avoid Black Friday is that most of the sales are sold out before I get there, I'm very very tired, and a lot of the stuff on shelves is just old stock.
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    Re: Black Friday 2004

    I haven't seen any SW sales, except for the AT-AT already reported on the main page, and Best Buy has Starfighter for Xbox for $10. Nothing to get excited about for me.
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    Re: Black Friday 2004 / Stories

    I usually try to avoid this day, but since the gf is out of town I said what the heck. I didnt buy anything but I did have some fun in Target, here is my story-

    I went in around 6:30 and found myself in a sea of angry, frantic people. Just this made me chuckle to myself. I mosied over to the toy department, and when I got close enough, I RAN to the figures yelling "EVERYONE OUT OF MY WAY, IM A TOY SCALPER! SCALPER COMING THROUGH, OUT OF MY WAY!!" Of course people moved and I went right to the SW figures and started pulling random one off the pegs, filling both of my arms. The whole time I was still shouting about being a scalper, and this lady was like "Scalper, whats that?" I said "I buy all of the cool toys your kids want and sell them online for outrageous prices!" Well, she didnt like to hear this and yelled "He's a scalper! Take what you can!" and started to pull armfulls of Spiderman toys off the shelves and filled her already overflowing cart. I put my toys back and sternly said "Get a grip" and walked out. I know, I know, it was mean, but some people are raging lunatics.

    Other popular things this year were moms with 2-way radios (heard one yell through hers "That b###h stole the last one out of my cart!!!") and also moms in mini vans, with trailers. I tell you what. I dont see what the big deal is, most stores around here have a huge supply of anything thats on sale AND worth buying, so I dont understand why people are so dang unruly. If only they could see themselves acting like this, I know I get a kick out of it.

    Anyone else see anything interesting?
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    Re: Black Friday 2004 / Stories

    I had planned on going with my mother and brother to some stores (none specifically because i didnt see any sales that interested me) but my plans were derailed last night by a momentary act of stupidity that will linger with me for a few days. While at a movie theater i decided to do some Jackie Chan spin kick on trash can and i managed to kick the crap out of it only to have my rear end fall onto the lip of the trash opening, in which i fell onto the floor spraining my left ankle. I was too tired to go out this morning and i cant walk right now, so no sales for me.
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