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    I would love for tru to drop the price. Every week I think the stack of 12" Dewbacks keep getting bigger.

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    I am in St. Louis, MO and found the Dewback marked down to $29.98 yesterday. They had several of them in fairly good shape, because they were kept up on the top shelf for the last year and a half! I would think this would be happening at other stores as well. Happy hunting...

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    Consider me "called"!!!
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    If you can't get to a TRU, try their online store since they also have it on sale as I have posted in the Just Found forums.
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    Picked up the Dewback, but have a question regarding the Sandtrooper's armour.

    Have the previous Stormtrooper sculpts had the same "rubbery" armour as this one or is this exclusive to the Sandtrooper due to the "sitting pose"?

    Still... I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
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    'Bout time! Looks like the online store is out of 'em, but I'm hitting every TRU in SoCal until I find one of these bad boys. (Shouldn't take too long, methinks.)

    $30 sounds worth it. $80 does not.
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    I hit my TRU shortly after the drop, and they are still plentiful. If you don't see them on the shelves, look around at the top of the X-style shelves where the action figures are. I know they put a lot of excess merch. up there and it can be difficult to see.

    Also, ask to see if they have any in back, I'm sure they have loads of 'em.
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    They still had at least 20 of them in the TRU where I go to. Not as many Sith Lords two-pack and I still decided not to get one.
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    They had NO Sith Lord two-packs at the ones I go to! BUGGER!
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    Thats Correct , prices did drop.
    I went to TRUs this past sunday an indeed the lowered the prices
    i paid for mine $ 30.00 , so that means 2 things, 1. A big cleareance is going to be happening to open some space at their warehouse for the Episode II line up.
    2. No one wanted to pay $99.00 for the 12" Sand trooper w/ Dewback (that was my case) so they had to lower its price to sell it. Also Tie Interceptor arrived for $34.99 at TRUs Here at Puerto Rico...

    I also found some POTF Coin edition figures for $3.99
    I love this Cleareance SH#@
    they should do it all the time


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