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    dewback question for EVERYONE!:)

    i was at toys r us the other day, and as reported here, the dewback is now selling for about $30. the punk sales boy laughed at me when i told him i paid $80. anyway, it's an ok piece, but not everyone thought so. what kept most of you from buying it? i bet it was one of the following:

    1: too expensive
    2: out of scale
    3: don't collect the big stuff

    i bet if the dewback had been in proper scale, they would of sold a lot better. unfortunately, we'll probably never see a 12 inch scale jabba because the dewback failure has retailers scared.

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    What stopped me buying it was that it looked like the vintage 4 inch scale one. Which looked nothing like a dewback IMO. Plus this thing was a lurid green colour and it's tail was bent in the package on nearly all of the ones I've heard of people buying.
    Plus the fact that as an import to the UK it cost like twice what it did in the States... need I go on....?

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    Ugly. Expensive. Same crappy Sandtrooper (after seeing the Marmit Sandtrooper, I'll never settle for the Hasbro version). Plus, I really only have room for one big 12" scale item and the Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper has all of them beat.
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    I'll give another reason. Every single one I've seen,the box looks like crap. Banged up and what not.

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    Re: dewback question for EVERYONE!:)

    Originally posted by derek
    3: don't collect the big stuff
    Plus the fact that it was never sold here and even if it did it would be AU$200+
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    For me it was the price and I don't collect the big stuff.
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    Don't worry derek. I paid $80 for mine too. For some reason I was caught in the moment thinking these would be hard to find and me happening to have $80 on me at the time.
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    I didn't pick it up originally because I don't usually collect the 12" stuff. I have a couple, but mostly because they were given to me as gifts (TPM Obi-Wan, Electonic Darth Vader, The Story of Darth Vader w/exclusive Anakin, TC-14, Amidala Senate Gown). I think the scale is off. The Dewback should be bigger and doesn't much look like the Dewback in the film. The tail thing is a big issue with me.

    I ended up picking it up for $30 about a month ago. I have it on the top of my hutch at work and it looks impressive there, but I certainly wouldn't want it at home. Glad I have my own office for my "Star Wars overspill".
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    Thumbs up

    As someone who doesn't collect the big stuff because it is:

    a) too expensive-only have enough money to spend on the staples of life: Star Wars, movies, music, tacos, etc.
    b) takes up too much room/don't have the space-if you can navigate through my bedroom without stepping on something Star Wars related you can have it. My 12 inch collection, if I had any, would creep into the hall and into my brother's room effectively drowning him.
    c) so used to playing with figs that are near the standard 3 3/4 size - 12 inch wouldn't seem right.

    But I caved in to low prices (yet again ) and bought this beaut for $29.99 the other week. The shear length of the dewback is worth the 30 dollar price. It is cool to display and who knows, maybe it will scare would-be robbers from my room? I am also considering buying the 12 inch speeder bike from Target if the price drops any further.
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    The Dewback was horrible. I would love to see a 12 inch scale Jabba though.
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