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    Well, I'm ashamed of it now, but I picked this thing up for the original $80. I still don't think it's that bad to tell the truth.

    Had I the chance to do it again, I surely would have saved the $80.
    But no heavy regrets from me.
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    I have a couple of reasons I never picked it up.

    1. Too expensive.

    2. No room to put it.

    3. Every single box that it came in was dented, torn, creased, or opened. Why pay $80 for that.

    My Toys R' Us here literally got in around 50 of them for Christmas of last year and they sat on the shelves and collected dust.

    I don't believe the scult was bad. I've seen worse on the 12" series.

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    The reason I never got it :

    1. Not easy to find here in Singapore
    2. If found, the money can sponsor you a trip to the moon.
    3. Too big, no room.

    So practically, my reasons may be similar to so many of us here.

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    There are many reasons why I did not get the dewback. I don't collect 12 inch figures. I don't want to spend $80 on a bad looking figure. Plus I running out of room to store star wars items in my room.

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    Lightbulb Dewback bent tail issues

    Hey all,

    Anyone who has or likes the dewback but hates the tail...

    I saw a solution to this on another site, forgive me but I foget the source. Anyway this guy does modifications to just about everything Star Wars. He took a can of that expanding foam spray, cut a small slit in the underside of the dewbacks tail, inserted the tube in the tail slit hit the spray trigger and boom!

    No more flat bent Dewback tail.

    I personally never collected the 12" stuff, no room.

    Good luck with the surgery!!!

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    Not to make you feel bad derek, but I thought that anyone who would buy that thing for $80 is a dope. It's really big, clumsy looking, and lacks good articulation. I'm surprised it took as long as it did to get down to $30. Geez, the Queen's ship took shorter time to get discounted even more.
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    I waited like everyone else until the price was right then bought it, threw away that horrible chunky hasbro sandtrooper & replaced it with a marmit sandtrooper. Looks o.k, except the dewback still looks like a giant hamster.
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    I don't collect any of the 12" stuff because it generally looks like crap. The bodies are terrible and the faces usually are worse. The one exception in my collection is the 12" Biker Scout. If they could commit that level of accuracy and quality to the rest of the line, then maybe...

    Oh, and $80 bucks!? Talk about a markup. I'd pay that kind of money for a big ship or killer playset, but not a cheeseball 12" figure.

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    I have all the original 12" figures. Got them when I was a kid. I just stick to the 3 3/4 figures these days due to storage limitations.
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    I didn't get it because it was out of scale and ugly as hell. Little detailing, no features whatsoever and a sloppy looking Trooper which coulden't even sit properly. It was also way too overpriced, but at the current time all the Star Wars items are overpriced. I.e. B-Wing and TIE-Bomber all retail for $39.99 which IMO is way too much. If they were electronic the price would be perfect and i'd gladly empty my wallet to get two of each, but now there are just boring. $24.99 - 29.99 would have been a much better price. And i said it before and i will say it again, if Hasbro keeps this up they'll loose their SW license. The only thing that could get me back into collecting everything again is if they make stuff which has playability, endurability and availability! Give me non-window boxes and electronic features, they rule!


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