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    Too big, too pointless!

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    Btw, is anyone still finding the 12" Speederbike w/Biker Scout? Now that is a thing i'd love to have! IMO this, Electronic Vader and the 12" Portrait Amidala's are the only decent 12" items they made since 1977.

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    No chance of every buying it in the UK, unless you want to pay £130. That's the going price.

    It may go for $30 or so in the US, but by the time it gets over here, the price is really stupid. It is also an 'UGLY' piece, I never have liked it. I don't generally collect any of the 12" unless they are in the bargain bin.

    The ONLY 12" worth buying was the Speeder Bike with Scout, fantastic sculpting. May possibly get Luke & Speeder but the Dewback is a BIG NO NO.
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    I payed $80 for it and don't regret it for a second because it's in a perfect condition box and it's quite a unique piece when you think about it. I really doubt that you'll be seeing to many of these in the future MIB
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    Originally posted by Hellboy
    I really doubt that you'll be seeing to many of these in the future MIB

    ...especially since we won't really be looking for them either.

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    I never had enough money to buy the 12 inch figures


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