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    What Other Passions Do You Have?

    We all know that everyone in here loves Star Wars. But in an attempt to get pick your brain apart and find out what else we like I'll pose the question of what else in life besides SW do you have a passion for? Mine is WWII. I could go on for hours and hours about everything from certain battles, dates, people, individual units, vehicles, etc. You don't want to get me started because I won't stop.
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    Hip Hop music and history. Again, me too, I can go on and on about it.
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    Art - I am an art geek.
    Stone Temple Pilots - My absolute all time favorite band (Velvet Revolver is great too, but pales in comparison, IMO).
    Other major interests, but I wouldn't quite call them passions:
    DVDs - I love movies.
    Books - I have too many and too many I haven't read.
    WWII - I find everything about it facinating.
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    Books-Especially anything before 1950.I only have a few above that time period,but its more of a search for books that I really like.
    Gardening-I can fiddle around with my plants for hours,pretty good at it,only killed off a few things so far
    Astronomy-I'm a total science freak,and the possiblity of aliens and just the wonder of the sky keeps me interested.

    Interests,but not passions would be video games and DVDs.Both are great,just not a total passion with me
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    Aviation - everything from the current industry to history of commerical and military aviation as well as pilot stuff. I could go on for hours....
    History - Primarily the 20th century military history especially those events revolving around aviation.
    Transit vehicles - Classic transit buses primarily but also classic rail equipment.
    Astronomy/Science - I love astronomy but I'm not even close to being knowledgable but find it incrediably insteresting. I read books about astronomy as well as astrophysics to whet the appitite. Also just science in general is very enjoyable.

    I also have a list of strong interests...

    80's television - I'm in heaven now that they are being released on DVD.
    Movies - I'm not one to see too many movies in the theater but I really enjoy sitting down and watching things on my own TV.
    College Football - it borders on a passion but it's only a few months of the year (at least for me)


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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    My wife
    Late 60's and early 70's Muscle cars
    My 96 Dodge Ram Sport making it sportier, just got 20's on her!
    Wanting to buy a home.
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    Thank you for mentioning your truck Turbo. That's the other thing of mine that I love and don't let anyone mess with. I'm saving money now so come spring I can blow all of it on my truck.
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    No problem. Yeah right now I'm in the process of getting 20 inch wheels on mine. I'm putting the 05 20" Ram wheels on, but ran into a few problems, but they will be on soon. It will stay stock height and the tires will fill up the wells a bit more. Next up is a Fiberglass Tonue cover, Rear disc brake conversion and new Rancho shocks.
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    I'd like to get some 20's but there's no way you could ever get them on a lowered Blazer so I'll stick with the 18's.
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    Re: What Other Passions Do You Have?

    In no particular order:

    Military aviation 1914-1960's
    Warships 1880's-WWII
    MiG fighters
    WWI Fokker fighters
    Santa Fe Railroad
    Southern Pacific Railroad

    Dang, how could I forget the Evil Empire a/k/a the New York Yankees?
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