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    Mas Amedda

    So, as I mentioned in another thread, I opened a lot of my figures this weekend. One of these figures was POTJ Mas Amedda. He seemed to have a bit of trouble standing, so I grabbed a stand to put him on. It was then that I realized something was kind of messed up with this figure. I was having trouble getting his left foot onto a peg, so I tried the right foot. This one went on, but I couldn't get the figure level with two feet on the ground. If his right heel is flat, the front of his foot rises up. Also, his left foot is quite a bit off the ground. Comparing the two feet, it looks like the left one is flatter and the right one is a bit thicker on the bottom. Not sure if that would account for all the difference though. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with this figure?

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    Re: Mas Amedda

    The feet on mine appear to be fine. I opened mine this summer and he's been free-standing on the shelf without any problems since then. Sometimes on a figure like this, the sculpted plastic costume extends slightly past the feet, which makes him hard to stand.

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    Re: Mas Amedda

    I've had problems with Vader's cape being too long and he doesn't stand right but not one leg being longer than the other. The only figure's I can think of that don't stand to well on there own because of bad leg sculpts would be just about every early version (early as in POTF 2) of Han.

    With the mass of figures they produce I'm sure that at least one has to get past production control. Look at all of the Fett's with missing emblems that they let go.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: Mas Amedda

    I never got an extra Mas to open..
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: Mas Amedda

    Quote Originally Posted by mastermatt24
    I never got an extra Mas to open..
    Nor did I, but I have begun the process of liberating my figures from their plastic prisons.


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