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Thread: Wanna trade?

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    Wanna trade?

    I have the following figures that I am trying to trade away( or sell if I have too) to thin out my collection( POTF2 stuff)
    1. 3 3/4 Beast Pack Luke and Taun Taun(box has a few dings)
    2. R2 with Holo Leia
    3.FB C3PO
    4. FB Obi Wan
    5.Commtech Jawa with Gonk droid
    6.HOLO Garindan
    7.FB Yoda
    8.FF Bespin LUke
    9.FF Slave Leia
    10.FF Cheiw as Boushh's Bounty
    11.OC Leia
    12. PC Leia as Bousgh
    13.HOlo Dengar
    14.FF Lobot
    15.HOLO Bossk
    16.FB Anakin Skywalker
    17. Boxed Awing Fighter
    I am looking for the following:
    1. new Deluxe Amananan(sp)
    2. 12" Darth Vader(the one from the Sith two-pack)
    3. loose Death Star Trooper
    and even though it is not Star Wars( i really want it) I am looking for the new Spiderman: The Movie figure, but not the Battle damaged version.

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    I can trade you a movie Spiderman figure if you are interested. Are you willing to trade me the R2 with holo Leia? If so, is it MOMC?
    Let me know.
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