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    Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, is the subject of Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming biopic Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon as Cash and his wife, June Carter. At age 23, Cash already possessed a social acuteness and emotional honesty drawn, in large part, from his days toiling in the cotton fields of Arkansas, working in an auto factory, and serving in the air force—all of which led him to compose one of his first songs, "Folsom Prison Blues," in 1953. Cash, whose career eventually spanned almost five decades, died last year at age 71. Here, we present an exclusive look at Phoenix, Witherspoon, and the cast of James Mangold's big-screen feature, due out April 2005.

    Follow the link to look at the pictures of Joaquin and Reese as Johnny and June.

    I was not even aware such a movie was being made. I wonder how much of his life this movie will span. Well, I think Phoenix looks like a good young Cash. Shame on those of you who knew about this movie and did not post about it earlier! Shame!
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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    Right when I read the name Joaquin I could instantly picture Johnny. Not to be offensive but it's gotta be the upper lip. Let's hope it rides the same success as "Ray".
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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    I'd heard vague rumors of a Cash biopic, but nothing I thought definite enough to post. (After all, how many years now have I been hearing vague rumors of a Janis Joplin biopic?)

    Joaquin definitely looks (at least close enough to) the part, and he's a fine actor, but what about the voice? Are they going to get Randy Travis or James Earl Jones to dub over him?

    And will he have the gumption to shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die? That's a tall order.

    Reese Witherspoon as June, though. Ugh. Excuse me while I vomit. I detest that bimbo.
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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    QT finally got the trailer after weeks of Yahoo movies having it. Looks DAMN fine to me. Phoenix REALLY pulled off Cash and I give him massive props.

    I love the line: "Mr. Cash, refrain from singing any songs that remind the inmates they're in prison."

    "you think they forgot?"

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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    I've always loved Joaquin Phoenix, I think he'll have no problem in pulling it off, and he makes an interesting odd couple with Reese Witherspoon.
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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    I saw the trailer before Brother's Grimm and I too was impressed with Phoenix' perfomance. He's a dead ringer for Cash and this will probably be a movie that I'll see.
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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    I saw the trailer again and I think it looks alright. I'm sure I'll go see it.

    Chux, why the contempt for Reese ? I think she's awesome.

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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Chux, why the contempt for Reese ? I think she's awesome.
    You and the Long D--- should bring back the Reese 'tar from long ago. I think they mirrored each other.
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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    Ahhhhh yes, I remember those.

    Last weekend when I went to Saw II, they had a pile of Walk the Line promo posters outside the room and I was going to grab a stack on my way out but I forgot.

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    Re: Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)

    I'm really hoping that this one turns out to be good. The trailer looks great and I've had my fingers crossed about Joaquin Phoenix... I mean Cash picked him to do the part.

    If this one ends up sucking, I'll be really p***ed off. I've been a huge Johnny Cash fan for years. I'll be there on opening day to see it -- if it's great I'll be happy. Cash deserves a great bio film.

    (A side note, the vintage clothing store that I worked at for a while provided a bunch of clothing to the film. Can't wait to see what people are wearing also.)


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