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    How Big Is Your Armies

    I See There Is A Couple Of Kinds Of Collectors.i Was Wondering How Large Of An Army Do Some Of You Have? In Loose Form I Have About 500 Imperial Forces Of All Kinds From The Emperor To The Stoormtroopers.

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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    I have just started Army Building. I have about 20-25 stormtroopers, 20-25 clones, arcs and such of thier likeness. I also have abnout 4 biker scouts. In the off months after the Cantina wave comes out, I will purchase some more.
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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    I've mentioned my list several times, and don't feel like reposting the whole thing, but I can tell you that I have:
    Approx 300 clones
    A couple hundred stormtroopers
    About 100 battle droids (including both the tan and red versions, not seperately-though I'd like to).

    On average I have about 20-30 each of what I consider minor army builders, like:
    Biker Scout
    Rebel soldier
    Hoth Rebel soldier
    Imperil Gunners
    Imp officers
    Imp Troopers (Death Star squad commanders-the new ones not the vintage ones. Now there's a name that takes you back though, huh?)

    and so on. I basically collect them in higher numbers according to how much you would see them in the movies.

    I've lost count how many total figs I have. That's why I've made a spreadsheet for all of them. I know I'm over 2000 figures, just don't know how much over. I'd have to add them all up in the spreadsheet.

    Before you Excel gurus pounce on me about how to do that, I did not categorize them all the same. Ones opened may be indiviual or mulitple if stuffed in a bag with others. Carded ones again may be an indiviual listing or not depending on how many are on card. For instance, the three pack of clones are counted as one even though there are 3 clones. I may have a listing of 5 blue 3 pack of clones, so the real total of actual action figures for that listing is 15, but it's only 1 entry. So that's why I'd have to physically go in and add them all to get accurate and complete numbers.

    Anyway, let's just say I have alot.

    I'm surprised Tycho hasn't given up his offerings to this thread yet. He's our resident expert when it comes to army building CORE characters. I usually only buy 2-4 of each core character depending on using in dioramas, but he (am I'm guessing an average here, but I'm sure he'll correct me) gets roughly 12 of each figure (that we wouldn't typically army build). He likes to set his figs up in each scene of the movies, so his need is warranted by his type of army building. I'm certain his area retailers love to see him coming. He buys up alot of the same kind of stock that pegwarms everywhere else.

    Thinking about that, I could sure use a Tycho out here...

    (BTW, Tycho, when you read that, I wasn't trying to step on toes, just making an observation based on our serveral year friendship online, please feel free to correct me if I've misspoke)

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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    I'd love to army build but I can't for many reasons:

    A) I'm a post-college scrounger/no job

    B) Each figure costs me 12.50Euros (it used to be up to 18Euros, relatively recently though it stabilised at the aforementioned price - in the US you'd consider that a major rip-off and you'd be correct)

    C) Serious problems of figure availability, only one (ONE!!!) store I know of (in Dublin, Ireland) still sells Star Wars and it seems to be very selective in the figures it buys in - usually avoiding waves with good army builders

    D) or maybe they do buy in these figures but I just miss them because its not practical for me to check the store every single week

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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    I have a couple of small armies:

    25 Stormtroopers
    14 Clean Biker Scouts
    11 Dirty Biker Scouts
    20 Hoth Rebel Soldiers
    8 Snow Troopers
    3 Imperial Officers
    2 Death Star Troopers
    3 Death Star Gunners
    6 Tie Pilots

    That's about it...don't collect the Prequel stuff...otherwise I'd probably have several Clone troopers.
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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    JMS - do you have any pics of your collection? Would love to see some!
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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    Do Clone troopers count?

    for example I have the following Original Trilogy

    17 Tie Pilots (old & new)
    108 Stormtroopers (10 VOTC)
    10 Scout Troopers (Dirty, Clean & BattleFrontesque still in package)
    48 Snowtroopers (3 Potf? + Saga + OTC)
    1 AT-AT Driver
    30 Imperial Scanning/Troopers
    3 Death Star Gunners
    24 Imperial Officers (Ozzel + POTJ + Saga + Tarkin)
    14 Sandtroopers (Orange + White + Grey + Black Paltroons?)

    I will check my clone trooper figures if they are considered to be counted.
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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    Count them Val, I did.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    Quote Originally Posted by dr_evazan22
    JMS - do you have any pics of your collection? Would love to see some!
    Unfortunately not yet. I just moved most of my collection into a cold starge facility. I did however video the whole collection. I did that for insurance purposes. Once I'm done putting that to DVD for the insurance company, I'll see if I can Vid-Cap some shots and post them. ( I had to move the collection because two weeks before the holidays, my basement storage was broken into. Thankfully they only got aout $100 in books, that I can easily replace. I was going to move this into storage this month anyway, but the break-in just accelerated my plans)

    BTW, I better add that I'm getting the "BIG" case of SA clones that is the exclusive. (That's three sets of the 4 variant clone packs of four-for a total of 48 more clones, at one shot)
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    Re: How Big Is Your Armies

    Here is some of my troops in formation:
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