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    EE shipping POST OTC wave 2! Cantina and Trooper look Great!

    I got my case of Cantina dudes along with the newly packaged Sandtrooper and the countless others, anyone want the 150th repack of Han? LOL. The Paint app on Trevagg is awesome. The others are good too, but Feltipern just stands out.

    I love the Sandtroopers card back, It's now my favorite from the OTC rehash line. I wish this line would continue. From what I have seen in retail, these OTC don't warm the pegs too long, so maybe Hasbro will revisit the line after the ROTS hype is over.
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    Re: EE shipping POST OTC wave 2! Cantina and Trooper look Great!

    I don't get why there is going to be ROTS 'Hype'. Movie year figures and vehicles are always peg and shelf warmers and many of them quite forgettable and underwhelming. Once again we're going to be sick to the teeth of seeing nothing but Anakins Jedi starfighter on the shelves (no matter if the vehicle is good and well put together).

    OTC packaging is definitely the best they've ever done and I'd be happy if they never made anymore changes - nay, I'm hoping and praying they don't. I hope they just incorporate ROTS toys into the OTC style once the need to distinguish 'new star wars film' toys from older film toys passes. I expect they won't. Established packaging patterns dictate that we're due yet another unnecessary revamp (please tell me the ROTS packaging isn't it).

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    Re: EE shipping POST OTC wave 2! Cantina and Trooper look Great!

    My God, you'll be disappointed then. The ROTS packaging is crazy styllized, like WAY over the top. The figures look like they're packed in Vader helmets, compete with orange splashes on them. And I'm not kidding, there are photos around here somewhere to prove it.


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