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    DARKLORD's Custom Action Figures (Part 6)

    Custom Action Figure and Photo by Roberto Williams


    This is clearly a vital character in the STAR WARS Saga, and I felt he needed a clean, and well thought out custom figure. All of the previously produced Fett figures fell a bit short in my opinion. Yet, Ironically, the ingredients to create MY custom Boba can be found in many of them. My basic “issues” with the production Boba Fett action figures are: Vintage Kenner Boba Fett: Not enough detail. Various POTF II Boba Fetts: Too bulky and pre-posed. Subsequent Boba Fetts (POTJ, SAGA) Great detail, but too much scene-specific posing for my tastes.


    I knew that this figure would be a REAL challenge based on how complex Boba Fett’s costume is. As with my other custom figures, I worked to create a neutrally-posed, richly-detailed, 4 inch-scale action figure of the fearsome bounty hunter. I wanted his detailing and colors to depict the costume that he wore in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. However, I preferred the more colorful rocket backpack that he wore in RETURN OF THE JEDI. So, admittedly, I took some creative license here. This custom action figure had to be correctly scaled in relation to the rest of the STAR WARS action figures in my collection (including other Customs). “Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.”


    1) SAGA Boba Fett: Pit of Carkoon: (Head (extensively re-sculpted helmet profile), torso, pants pockets, rocket backpack)
    2) POTJ Boba Fett 300th Action Figure: (Arms (re-engineered for increased articulation) belt and side pouches, cloth side cape, crotch armor, knee-cap armor, side holster, lower legs and feet (repositioned into a neutral pose)
    3) VINTAGE Kenner AT-ST Driver: (pelvis, upper legs)
    4) POTF II Ewok Princess Leia: (Hair braid strand (doubles as Wookie scalp) )
    5) EP II Jango Fett Kamino Escape: (Silver Rocket Concussion Missile for backpack)
    6) Dental Floss: (Wrist weapons power feed)
    7) Styrene Strips (Rear straps for knee-cap armor)
    -Roberto DARKLORD Williams

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    Re: DARKLORD's Custom Action Figures (Part 6)

    -Roberto DARKLORD Williams


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