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    All 2005 Star Wars lines

    What the hell are those "Attacktix" figures? They sound like Jedi Force.

    Those evolutions 3-packs sound cool, though they'll likely be a bunch of repacks. Or worse, two repacks and one new figure (which would prompt me to buy them). Same with the battle pack figures, they remind me of the Lord of the Rings giftsets.
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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    What's a blind action figure?

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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    I don't see any 12" figures on there.
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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    [font=Century Gothic]When will the new figures be available at Targert or are they already? I looked at some of the peaks and most of the molds resemble the first line. Was kind of a let down.[/font]
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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid
    What's a blind action figure?
    If you mean from this line "Attacktix Starter Set: Contains 6 Star Wars Episode 3 figures, 1 packed blind for added surprise", it possibly refers to a chase figure or short-packed figure. It could be like the hidden Dr Smith figure from the Lost in Space movie line, but that didn't go over so well, and Hasbro is smarter than that company.
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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    If I'm not mistaken the Attacktix figures are like the Marvel Heroclix ones. I just saw some Jedi ones at the Target near me.
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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    I just looked the list over again and noticed Darth Tater. Mr. Potatoe Head just alot cooler. That's defenitely one toy that I'm gonna get. So are Luke and Leia Darth Tater's Tots. I'll be here all week.
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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    I'll be happy with the Evolutions assortment if it gives us a good Episode II Obi-wan and Anakin in neutral pose Jedi robes.

    Also, I'd like the evolution of Owen and Beru. I still want an Episode II Owen and Beru!

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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    For the "final" such Owen & Beru "Evolution" figure, would it be 2 of those skeleton pack-ins from Amanaman?
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    Re: All 2005 Star Wars lines

    The list has been updated yesterday and now includes a MICRO line! Let's hope this marks the return of Micro Machines!


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