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    We need a Harry & The Hendersons DVD!

    It's the classic tale of boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy has kids and works at father's store, boy runs over a Sasquatch, Sasquatch comes to live with boy, and hilarity ensues.

    And it's not on DVD.

    Let me get this straight: I can walk into the store and get the complete first season of Punky Brewster, or I can get Dolph Lundgren's "Punisher" movie (in quotes because we all know it ain't the real deal without the skull), but I can't get one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time?

    But enough about the original version of Star Wars. I can't get Harry & the Hendersons either?

    This needs to be released ASAP on a fully-loaded 2-disc special edition DVD. I'm talking widescreen surround sound for the original cut, special director's cut (complete with Harry running over John Lithgow first and all new CG Bigfoots, uh, Bigfeet, uh, whatever), and an extended interview with Lithgow where he just holds his head in his hands and wails, "What in the name of God was I thinking?" over and over.

    And there should be a special boxed collectors' set with real Bigfoot poodoo.

    Now is the time! With Lucas preparing to release the last SW film, and ripping off our hero Harry in the design of the Wookiee warriors, it is imperative the studios deliver this classic to us immediately!

    We must band together and stand outside the offices of whatever studio owns the rights and play Eddie Money songs really loudly until they submit.

    Okay, I'm half joking, but I would really like to get this on something more permanent than VHS, and I'd love to have a widescreen digital presentation. This is certainly more deserving of a SE DVD than, say, Dirty Dancing. I know I'm not the only person who loved this movie.
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    Re: We need a Harry & The Hendersons DVD!

    I'm surprised it isn't on DVD.
    We need that and Monster Squad.
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    Re: We need a Harry & The Hendersons DVD!

    "Run free little Bud, run free ! "

    H & the Hs is great and I would buy it on DVD. I'd like to see a nice memorial to Harry actor Kevin Peter Hall just like they had on the new Predator DVD.

    I have the old Topps trading card set, I actually bought a whole box of sealed packs at a show last year for $5. I sent an extra card to John Lithgow while he did a play in NYC. It came back signed, check it out - - -

    By the way, what about that horrendous spinoff TV series ? ? ?

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    Re: We need a Harry & The Hendersons DVD!

    There was a TV series?
    I can't imagine how bad that had to be.
    I'm thinking Ferris Bueller bad.
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    Mummy of the raincoat is a gigantic trollop.

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    Re: We need a Harry & The Hendersons DVD!

    I was being tongue-in-cheek with some of my comments (like Lithgow wailing -- even if this wasn't a good movie, any movie is worth watching for Lithgow!), but I really want this on DVD. I'd be happy with barebones as long as it's widescreen and looks crisp. I loved this movie way back in the day, and I'd love to share it with my kids and family someday.

    Seriously, Punky Brewster is out and not this. WTF?
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    Re: We need a Harry & The Hendersons DVD!

    Melinda Dillon F*****g ROCKS!!!!
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    Re: We need a Harry & The Hendersons DVD!

    Holy crap!!

    We've been mistaken! Harry and the Hendersons has been available on DVD for almost 36 years!!

    Check it out!
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    Crap in a hat, almost two years, and still no Harry & the Hendersons DVD!

    I never expected to get official releases of the original Original Trilogy before this beloved classic.

    Why do I bring this up again? It's on HBO Family this month, and Mrs Chuxter just saw it for the first time (and I saw it for the first time in probably more than a decade). This movie is cheesy as hell, predictable, and 100% enjoyable. And it really deserves more than the washed-out foolscreen transfer that HBO is showing.

    So do Monster Squad and Howard the Duck, for that matter.
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    I've been meaning to dig up this old fossil to report its airing on HBOFamily but I forgot. Thankx for the reminder, Chux.

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    Another month without a star-studded announcement of this DVD. Who does a Sasquatch have to sleep with to get back in print?
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