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    Talking Mirco Machines return at last?!

    "Micro Vehicle Multi Pack Assortment: Your favourite Star Wars vehicles in micro scale. Each pack contains 2 vehicles and 2 figures for you to re-enact your favourite scenes.

    Micro Battle Set Assortment: Transforming vehicle play sets including micro vehicles and figures. Packed out with awesome features and accessories."

    Sounds like something.
    If those are indeed Micro Machines I'd say releasing ships/ creatures in three packs and figures in nine packs would be the better way to go. Using Galoob's strategy could only increase the sales.

    Come to think of:
    All those vehicles and creature three packs
    Main characters nine pack
    Clone Trooper nine pack
    Seperatist Forces nine pack
    Wookie Warriors nine pack

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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    It could be a very good news. A few mms are better than nothing. VT, light a candle !
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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!


    Please, please, please let this be true.

    But don't want to get too excited (after last years wave 5 Action Fleet fiasco - b$%^&*ds!!).


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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    Hi, James. It's me Matthew K.
    Uhh....still remember me somewhat?
    In case we will finally get some new Micro Machines (after FIVE YEARS of LIES from Hasbro's account) they'll have to increase the quality of both the design and the material. The Micro Machines Hasbro released under their brand in 2002 and 2003 looked cheap and had a limited playability. Limited in comprasion with Galoob's designs.


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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    Is that Matthias from Vienna (who bagged me some die-casts and some GV's a few years ago)? If so, nice to hear from you again (& are you Tyrannusspottingbinks from RS?).

    I would be just glad to get my hands on new micros.

    I am really sore that we didn't get any AOTC micros - especially the Rep Gunship (I wanted a fleet of these).


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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    That's me.
    Hasbro really fooled us when they announced that we'll see new Micro Machines after the great pedition results for bringing back this line SSG held back in mid 2001.


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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    As great as that would be...I absolutely refuse to get my hopes up. I have absolutely no trust and no faith in Hasbro anymore. I'm still slightly angered about them cancelling wave 5. Not to mention making wave 4 so hard to find.
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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    I get excited when I see them. Until then it's just words. Hasbro says, BUT, will it do? We'll all see in March.
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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    Battle Arena & Micro Battle (unknown description)

    There was a new rumor list posted today including these items listed.
    I guess Hasbro can't possibly reach Galoob's standart by any means. Didn't Galoob also produce the whole Ep 1 lineup and then gave the prototypes to Hasbro as H bought up Galoob by the year turn of 98/ 99?
    I somehow doubt Hasbro is capable of making detailed Micro Machines. Then again, they use RealScan technology so they could scan the marquettes and some people in costumes (possibly the actual cast) and downscale everything.


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    Re: Mirco Machines return at last?!

    They better get some quality back into Micromachines. I was staring at those little micromachine packs they released awhile ago that are still sitting at Wal-mart on their ugly packaging. The MM's look like crap even though they're all old Galoob molds.

    Most of the sets are pretty dumb too, specifically the military and police sets. They're all just misc. vehicles that don't even look right except for a couple planes and an attack helicopter. Mattel's got a better foot-up on the MM world than Hasbro does, but Mattel isn't anywhere near Galoob quality or detail.

    Those Galoob workers seem like the ancients that left behind the Stargate, had all this wonderful stuff and then were wiped out by evil forces.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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