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    12" Lukes- Which ones to get?

    Hi, I'm really interested in becoming the owner of several 12" versions of the Farmboy to Jedi galactic hero.

    Jedi Luke (probably the one with the bone accessory)
    Dagobah Luke

    Those are the ones I'll most likely pick up. Anyway, could you guys and gals who own those two or any other 12" Luke post pictures or comments?
    I'm very undecided about the Hoth, Bespin or Pilot gear versions.
    I'm most interested in the likenesses.

    So anyway, suggestions, tips and whatnot would be very appreciated. Thank you!


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    Re: 12" Lukes- Which ones to get?

    Hey Starman,
    I think the Jedi Lukes (there's three variations) have the best likeness IMO. But their bodies suck, big time. I usually do the head swap and put it on a better GIJoe body. I did this with a Bespin Luke, and it looks pretty good (although his sleeves are a bit too short).

    Personally, I didn't like the Dagobah Luke. Horrible body, and Yoda looks like he has mud smeared all over his face. I suppose you could probably customize it and fix it up though.

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    Re: 12" Lukes- Which ones to get?

    Do the heads look accurate on more advanced bodies like Dragon's?


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    Re: 12" Lukes- Which ones to get?

    The heads are oversized, I did a few swaps a while back onto 21st Century Toys' super-soldier body (the one with the double-hinged everything) and as good as the bodies are, the heads are still too big. The problem seems to stem from the fact that Hasbro's modern 12" designs all seem to taper upwards, so they're like 1/7th-scale feet and by the time you get to the heads they're 1/5th-scale -- when you use other companies' bodies where they're not tapered and they're not all super buff and their thumbnails are right-side out... well, it just doesn't salvage the mega-melon.

    I am a fan of the X-xing Pilot figure, though I've heard the 100th Luke has the same outfit so if you can find it, I guess that'd be the way to go. The Pilot figure has lots of cool stuff and a fairly realistic outfit, I love the little map of the galaxy in his suit. One thing it's missing though is that they didn't give the figure gloves or glove-hands, since they're gauntlet-style gloves in the film, they're a little harder to track down or kitbash.

    Although I don't especially care for the Hasbro head & body, I especially dig the Bespin Luke outfit (though the chimps at Hasbro package the figure with the collar down like a normal shirt when in fact it actually stands up like in the film), it's a little short on the figure because he's so buff, but it comes with a nifty undershirt as seen when Luke's putting on his Snowspeeder pilot outfit and again on Dagobah - actually it's a bodysuit with snaps at the crotch so you can't have the untucked Dagobah look, but it's worth the trade-off IMO.

    As for other Lukes, I really hate the Collectors Series Luke Tatooine's outfit, it's see-through, and its hair is yellow (a lot of the Luke figures hair gets this gloppy yellow paint for some reason, then Hasbro changes their mind and makes a variant but by then the damage is done). The poncho-wearing one in the KB 3pack has the newer Luke face, and I don't especially care for this school of design which we've sorta gotten stuck with, it's a little too femme. Luke Hoth's outfit is ok, a little on the plain side, but decent enough if you don't mind the big hat (to cover his big head). The wet-head Stormtrooper Luke single-boxed doesn't do much for me, ugly head and terrible dirtying effect on the armor.
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