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    Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    Wu-Tang Clan member ODB has died today.
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    No real loss to me. I thought WuTang was a pretty solid hip hop unit back in the day - but ODB always kind of rubbed me the wrong way (man, check those lyrical lyrics, Andre - I digress.....).

    I didn't hear of too many positive things in his life besides the success of the group - he was in and out of jail from what I recall. Always kind of sad to see the ultimate end to some of these folks. ODB was not old at all.

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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    This comes as no surprise to me. I hate to say...
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    I wonder what he died of? The guy wasnt my favorite rapper but he was hilarious with some of his stuff. He did spend his last couple of years in and out of the big house for various reasons. I heard that once he was followed by MTV as he went to pick up his foodstamps (or was it a welfare check) in a limo, somewhat funny but it also indicates that the mans mind wasnt right. RIP Dirt McGirt.
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by kool-aid killer
    I heard that once he was followed by MTV as he went to pick up his foodstamps (or was it a welfare check) in a limo
    That is true. I saw it. He spoke directly to the camera saying it was free money, and he would be stupid not to pick it up. Dirt was one of a kind. But he was definitely a few bricks shy.
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    Man, this is a bummer. I really enjoyed his work because he was really funny.
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    He was definitely one-of-a-kind. I'll never forget the "Shimmy-Shimmy-Ya!!" video. For half of it he's just rapping in his boxers. Hillarious. I still have "Baby I Got Your Money" as one of my ringtones. I always hoped he would get past at least some of his troubles, and start making those classics again. My hopes of a complete Wu-Tang reuinion are now dashed. RIP ODB. . . keep up the shenanagins wherever you are!!!
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    As I said with Rick James, "Cocaine is a helluva drug!"

    RIP, ODB.
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    As I said with Rick James, "Cocaine is a helluva drug!"

    RIP, ODB.
    More true than you probably realized.
    The results of his autopsy were released - cocaine and a painkillers.
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    Re: Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead

    It said that he was almost finished with a comeback album. I wonder if it'll ever get released.
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