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    Dimebag Darrell RIP

    i have just heard that Dimebag Darrell and three other people were shot dead by a member of the audience at the Damageplan show in Columbus, Ohio last night and two others were seriously injured.

    apparently the band were in the middle of the first number at the Alrosa Villa when an as-yet unnamed man - described by eyewitnesses as being in his early 30s wearing a blue hooded top - jumped out of the crowd and onto the stage and shot Darrell in the head at point blank range.

    He then fired at the rest of the band before being tackled by venue security. He kept on shooting until police arrived and shot him dead. Of the surviving victims, one person was described as "critical" while the other was described as "fair" by the station. Several others were treated at the scene, suffering from various injuries.

    i am very shocked and saddened by this. damageplan were an ok band but pantera were a fantastic group who i always hoped would set aside their differences and get back together again someday.

    R.I.P. big man.
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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    My brother just emailed me and told me the news. I see that it's on CNN now.

    Man, this really sucks. Pantera was the best live show I've ever seen (actually tied with White Zombie). Even though they broke up I always thought that at some point they would get back together for either another album or even a few concerts. The Pantera group was also great with the fans which isn't always the case for a lot of bands out there. I met the band years ago during a meet-and-greet when they released Far Beyond Driven. A real good group of guys.

    What a way to go. I can't believe all the patting down they do before you get into a metal concert that someone with a gun could get through. I think it's amazing that only 4 people were killed in such a crowded venue.

    Way to go Ohio.
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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    Honestly this just sucks on so many levels. It sucks to lose Dimebag. Its just a tragedy that affects every band out there. I know here in the city, security it tight enough that getting a gun in woul dbe almost impossible. Security will be much tougher now, and rightfully so. It sucks that there is a black cloud over metal once again when it was on the rise. It sucks that touring may be halted, perhaps there will be no ozzfest this year. I go to so many shows because i am in the midst of the music industry and it really shocks me and pretty much makes me feel unsafe.

    It was probably some crazy Pantera fan trying to make a statement. I could say so many things about this from a psychological perspective but what good would it do, it just sucks. My thoughts and prayers go out to his brother Vinnie, his best friend Zakk, and his family.

    Reports continue to come in, some are syaing that the singer also died and that Vinnie Paul was also shot. Uncertain if he survived or not. These are all undonfirmed but are being reported by certain places.

    Having interviewed and hung out with Zakk I know he will be flipping out. Who knows how he will react. He just signed a new deal with Artemis and has a new album to come out on March 8th.

    I am really curious to see what Phil has to say. He has made so many death threats against them in the past, i'd like to hear the truth come out about how he feels now.

    I think the saddest thing will be when he comes they come out and say that a Pantera reunion was int he works and everything else was a front. Now that would suck.
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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    JBF here signed on as LM since I cannot get the log out link to work:

    I never cared too much for their music or the former Pantera members, but I was a bit shocked to wake up to this news. It sounds like this a** (who, thankfully, is dead and gone from this world) had a problem with the group.

    Not really much else for me to say. Dimebag, like him or hate him, was important to our favorite genre of music. What's with Ohio and our inability to have a peaceful and safe show? If I remember correctly, didn't Bogarts (in Cincy, Ohio) recently have some stabbings at a show? Cradle of Filth I think was the band that night. Way to go Ohio, indeed.
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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    The odd thing is that I was in Columbus a few days ago and drove past the Newport Theater on High Street. My on lasting memory (and regret) was that I missed Pantera play there back in 1992 during their Cowboys from Hell tour. Everytime I walked or drove past the theater I always think about that missed opportunity.

    So this morning when CNN mentioned that there was a shooting at a metal concert in Columbus, Pantera was the band that I thought of. Next thing I realize that it ends up being Dimebag as the victim.

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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    The national news hasn't really been giving this the attention it deserves. All CNN had during the 30 minutes I watched this morning was a thing in the ticker: "'Tragedy,' sighs Ohio police officer regarding fatal shooting at a heavy metal concert."

    Then I get a call from my wife who heard about it on Howard Stern but doesn't know music well enough to remember the details. And I just pull up the news and I'm rather in shock.

    This is truly a sad day for music in general. The man was a fine musician. It's really a tragedy that he'll get to jam with Jimi years before his time.
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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    This sickens me.

    I've been to a few Pantera shows over the years and Dime was always fantastic. I still have a pick with his name on it, but I think it was Rex who threw that one.
    I can still picture him coming out from behind the stage as the house lights were off, shining that floodlight out into the crowd to pump them up.


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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    It sounds like Vinnie may have been shot as well. There are 2 folks in critical condition who's ID's have been released. The one official made a comment regarding how many band members died, he said "so far" only one fatality in the band. I hope that Vinnie doesn't fall as well. That man was an outstanding drummer.
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    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    Coincidentally, this happened exactly 24 years after Lennon was shot and killed.

    Also, there are reports that the shooter was yelling accusations about Dimebag breaking up Pantera and had no known links to any band members. That makes it even more incomprehensible and disturbing. If you get so p***ed off over a band breaking up that you'll kill one of the members, you're so disturbed that I can't even come up with words for it.

    It's a shame in a way that the cops killed him. It would have been more fitting if he was locked up and beaten to death by large Pantera-loving felons as they cranked "F***ing Hostile" as loudly as the speakers would go.
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    Re: Dimebag Darrell RIP

    It is strange that it's the same day as Lennon's death.
    "No one helped me so why should I help you?" - College professor circa 1999

    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

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