[font=Century Gothic] As of right now I have to say Im pretty discouraged of what the stores in this great state are going to be carrying. However I felt that there had to be a post started for Rhode Island.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic] I did a tour of the Toys R Us, Target, and WalMart in Warwick but the selection wasnt very good. Target is having a blow out sale with figures priced at about $4.25. Yet there wasnt any real selection.[/font]
[font=Century Gothic] A great place that I have found in the area to find those hard to find figs is at the Rhode Island Mall. The Toy Vault does have a pretty extensive selection of hard to find figs. If you dont see it ask, they may have it in back as I found out when I went in looking for a 12" Leia[/font]