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    POTJ - Better than POTF?

    I know its basically the same.

    I'm just asking, do you think the figure diversity, sculpting, distribution, etc are better?
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    Diversity is better, mainly because POTJ has four movies to draw from versus POTF's 3.

    Sculpting is light years better than anything we have seen before. There seem to be more mistakes in the paint applications; but I think that might be attributed to the more complicated paint jobs on each new figure.

    Distribution, in my experience, seems to be relatively the same for both lines. However, less stores are ordering POTJ figures versus POTF because Star Wars is no longer the hot new thing. Ep1 did a good job of killing the enthusiasm for the casual collectors.
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    POTJ has much more better sculpts that look like they have come from the movie plus have much more articulationthan POTF2.

    POTF2 to me looked they were made for small kids(which kenner thought at the time) and had that sort of cartoon look and feel about them,that changed at the end of the POTF2 line and then came POTJ
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    There's a plus and minus to both lines.

    Sturdier construction was a definite plus, but the overly buff and less accurate detailing in the sculpts were minuses.

    Diversity in the line (i.e.- the characters selected for sculpts) and the excellent attention to detail and scale are pluses, while the flimsier construction is a definite minus!
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    I'm not sure I can add anything here.I do agree that the buff looking figures are not as good as the the more realistic ones although the paint was not as good.All in all I liked them both but lean towards the POTJ more.
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    Here ya go:
    POTF2 Luke X-wing (really Snowspeeder Luke) vs. POTJ Luke X-wing.
    Or Biggs vs. POTJ Luke X-wing.

    While we have gotten a handful of good figures from the POTF2 line, the POTJ line does definitely rule over them as far as sculpting goes, but when it comes to posing and articulation, well... "Some figures have it, some figures don't." My point? Either way, the newest line is usually gonna be the best, but when it comes to the vital stuff which makes a figure really great after it's sculpt, none of the SW lines can truly take the cake, POTJ can almost take it.
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    As most have been saying...

    ...POTJ has definately improved SW figures in the sculpting/detailing department. Yes, sometimes on has to hunt through figures to get one with decent detailing, but that's just a quibble...
    The distribution has improved as figure stayed unavailible for too long after it's intial release.
    Also, Hasbro really kept to it's word on being more collector-based with the POTJ banner, releasing such gems as the Bacta Tank Luke and the two unique versions of Darth Vader.

    I still have many outstanding favorites in the POTF 2 line, but I'd have to give the edge to the newer line...POTJ.

    Here's hoping the quality & selection keep getting better under the new unified banner in 2002!


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