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Thread: Dooku's bad day

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    Re: Dooku's bad day

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    Re: Dooku's bad day

    awsome! ani is gonna kill him! yaay! even though we have known that for a while...
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    Re: Dooku's bad day

    Holy crap!!!! That's a sweet pic I love the lightsaber in his right hand.
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    Re: Dooku's bad day

    Annie looks baaaad!!!!
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    Re: Dooku's bad day

    I hope its more than just eye candy in the flick though.
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    Re: Dooku's bad day

    "Dooku's bad day" should have been title "Look, ma! No hands!!!"

    Then he totally loses his head. Poor guy...
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    Re: Dooku's bad day

    Cool pick but one question remains, the new ROTS dokuu figure has a red cape. (?).
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