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    MM in!!

    Hello all

    Whilst I never used the old GALOOB buzz board, I now consider myself an old hack on the SSG micro forum.

    I only post when I consider I have useful to say about micro collecting, but I often "lurk" for weeks without posting.

    Just out of interest, I was wondering who is still left out there? (I know VT, R2 and SWAF are still there).


    Jeddah et al?????

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    Re: MM in!!

    You're right R2 is still here I did post in the buzzboard for awhile, though can't remember my user name, but it was something r2 related, go figure I didn't post too much, except for reporting when I found some particular MM of interest

    I'd STILL like to know where GSJ is !!!! and hope he is well !!!!!
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    Re: MM in!!

    Hey R2 - very nice to hear that you are still around (seen your posts on RS recently).

    As ever, your site is fantastic - keep it up.


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    Re: MM in!!

    I'm alive...and yeah. Just not really active over here except for lately, been too busy with offline stuff and trying to keep up with things like Marvel Legends and regular Star Wars figures.
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    Re: MM in!!

    I was a Buzzboarder before I was an SSGer, back then I went by my Babylon5-inspired username "Random Ranger".

    As for GSJ, I too am concerned as I haven't heard anything and last time he came back was from something bad in his family, and he disappeared right afterwards.
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    Smile Re: MM in!!

    I am still here too.
    In the past I read the old Galoob buzzboard but never posted. Now I read SSG boards almost daily, but not having interesting things to say I do not post very often.
    Due to lack of MM and AF I redirected my SW collecting to LEGO. Very nice but also very expensive!
    Now I am waiting for the new Micro Vehicle Multi Pack, but I am afraid it will be another let down like the Titanium Series.
    Oh, well...


    P.S. I tried to e-mail GSJ a few months ago, but did not receive any response. I wish all the best to him and his family.

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    Re: MM in!!

    Howdy folks...still here...I read just about every day although I rarely have anything interesting enough to post...been around since about 2 weeks after the old board opened...

    Hoping someday for the re-emergence of STMMS, but in the mean time I've begun cutting up old duplicates of my STMMs to make customs. I've also started collecting Furuta (some of which have fallen victim to my Dremel as well) and am anxiously awaiting the Romando Coll. 2 (I can't afford Coll. 1 although I do drool over the pics periodically thanks to BC3's site). Also checking Hobby Lobby/Hobbytown USA just about every day for sightings of the Johnny Lightning series...

    much to look forward to with little hope for newer SWMMS...


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    Re: MM in!!

    If anyone wants to snail-mail GSJ, I've got his address saved.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    Re: MM in!!

    I don't actively collect MM's, but I have picked up a lot of them over the years. I've been thinking pretty seriously about completing the Action Fleet line. Maybe that would be a good New Year's resolution!
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    Wink rj: "I rarely have anything interesting enough to post"

    -do you see that ever stopping me? ;D


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