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    Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    Anyone out there have the original 12/20 or all 21(including Fett) graded AFA 85+? and if so which was the hardest to come by and if not which ones are you looking for? For me the hardest ones to come by were the 20/21 back Power Droid and Walrus Man..... I think the 12back Chewbacca is pretty tough to find to.....

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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    I have not ventured down this path yet. I will eventually get into it, but I dont think I will go the graded path. Prices seem to get too high for graded stuff. think a 12 back vinyl caped Jawa would be the hardest to come by graded or ungraded.
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    I recall just recently seeing an AFA 80 or 85 Vinyl Jawa up for bids starting at $3,000. Kinda steep but if it's real that's not bad. Relatively speaking.
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    I don't think you'll be seeing a lot of this stuff ungraded in the future. It drives the price up so people will do it more and more. I've thought about getting some of my key comics graded.
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    Quote Originally Posted by kidhuman
    think a 12 back vinyl caped Jawa would be the hardest to come by graded or ungraded.
    I'm not a carded collector, loose is the only way to go. But I agree with kidhuman about the vinyl capped Jawa and would add that the 12 back double telescope Luke is also pretty rare. From everything I've heard from the serious carded collectors AFA grading is just a gimmick. So you might better off without it if your having trouble finding the Chewie, Power Droid, and Walrus Man you want (only then you have to learn all about fakes and recards).
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    Not to pry into your personal life too much but I saw in your profile that you have an AFA 85+ 21 Back Boba Fett. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid if you bought aftermarket? Or were you just that damn lucky to have gotten it as a kid and not played with it. Fat chance of that but who knows.
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    I paid $1900 for it on ebay a while back... Unpunched.....
    I don't have any of the variations like the Double telescoping or the vinyl caped jawa, just the normal ones.... When i was looking for the Power Droid, i did purchase 2 of what the sellers claimed to be "C9+" condition and when i recieved them, they were somewhere between C7-C8.... If you are a serious collector, then purchasing graded ones are the way to go, and it may sound expensive, but think about all the money you spend on the new stuff, spending $7-$15 for new POTC that in 6 months will be worth $2-$4.... Different strokes for different folks....
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    That price isn't that bad (relatively speaking) considering that it's almost 30 years old and looks better than figures that were put on the shelf yesterday. I myself don't look for AFA graded figures exclusively but if I happen to see one that's almost the same price as one that's not graded I'll place a bid on that particular figure. I realize that the vintage figures aren't gonna be in case fresh condition and if I'm gonna have to get a bad apple once in a while then so be it.
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    Right, very fair price.. I was willing to pay upto $2500, only because it was unpunched... The seller had second thoughts at the end and tried to out bid me with one of his other ebay user id's, but there wasn't enough time left and I ended with on top for $2500.... then he emails me an invoice with the wrong ebay user id and I knew something was up... So I advised him that I would let ebay know what he was doing and he offered to let it go for $1900 if I would not email ebay... I had purchased a couple of other figures from this seller before (Solo Large head and Skywalker AFA 85 12backs)... and agreed at $1900.. I couldn't really blame him, its a figure that doesn't come around very often, although there is an AFA 85 punched version on ebay now, but I think the seller is looking for $2000+ for the figure....

    An AFA 85 graded figure generally has no real noticible damage to either the bubble, card or figure... its when you get into AFA 80 or below is when you will start to see bubble damage, creasing or sticker residue....
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    Re: Original 12/20/21backs AFA graded 85 Sets?

    One of my personal peeves is yellowed bubbles. How would an otherwise perfet figure's grade be affected by yellowing on the bubble?


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