Yup. Now there are Star Wars blinds!

3 Day Blinds must have some fans in ownership / management:

You can order customized blinds from

The Phantom Menace
Attack of the Clones
A New Hope
The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

and in May 2005, they will reveal their exclusive Revenge of the Sith product line.

The stuff includes the Movie and Teaser posters, orginal and Special Edition, as well as others (video release, etc) for each film.

It also includes character and spaceship shots, landscape battle scenes, etc.


I am actually going to consider these if they are still offering them in another year, if I can get my house by then.

I have theme rooms for my collection, by color coordination. And I like particular panoramic art, so it got me thinking about what I'd like:

White Room (Hoth / Bespin mostly) - the AT-AT Walker Advance blinds

Tan Room (Tatooine / Geonosis / Mustafar Prequels) - probably the Republic Gunship assault on Geonosis

Tan Room 2 (Tatooine Sequels) - I'd like Luke looking at the twin suns if they'll do this....Jabba's Palace possibly. A panoramic view of Mos Eisley maybe.

Olive Room (Naboo Swamp, Dagobah) - hmmm - the one of Yoda on the shore where the X-wing is crashed is tempting. So is the one of the Opee Sea Killer pursuing the Gungan Sub... I'd probably go with Dagobah.

Black Room -(Coruscant, the Death Star) the Star Destroyer - not really any question about that, though the Death Star is tempting...

Green Room 1 (Naboo) - the Trade Federation Tank looks very cool. But so do the Naboo fighters launching... I'd also love the Padme / Anakin Waterfalls scene as a possibility, or the two of them at the balcony before their first kiss. These choices fall into 2 very distinctly different emotional exposition categories, huh?

Green Room 2 (Kashyyyk, Yavin, Endor) - let's see if they do a panorama for Kashyyyk in Episode 3. That might rock. The Imperial base with AT-AT on Endor looks good. So would the Yavin Temples with X-wings and Y-wings taking off. As a matter of fact, I think I'd dig the starfighters best, against the green treetops. That'd look cool!

Blue Room (Kamino) - though not Kamino, the Opee and Sub could work nice here, as could Jango Fett standing in front of the row of Clones. An outside shot of Tipocca City, Kamino would rock though. I didn't see that one in their AOTC assortment yet.

I bet they can do any scene you want - as they have the licensing rights to Star Wars.

Is this a crazy idea or what? Are you guys going to buy any? Which ones? For what rooms in your house?