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    Rank your favorite 3.75 inch Star Wars lines!

    Well, this one is along the lines of T's thread, but it pertains to the 3 3/4 inch modern figure lines. So, let's see, what do we have exactly:

    Power of the Force 2
    Orange Card
    Green Card
    Freeze Frame
    Shadows of the Empire
    Expanded Universe
    Episode 1
    Power of the Jedi
    Clone Wars
    Clone Wars Animated
    Original Trilogy Collection
    Post Original Trilogy Collection

    The list brought to you in SK99 Star Vision:

    1. OTC
    2. Post OTC
    3. POTJ

    4. POTF2 FF
    5. POTF2 OC
    6. Clone Wars
    7. SOTE
    8. POTF2 GC
    9. EU
    10. Clone Wars Animated
    11. EP1
    12. Flashback

    13. Saga

    I broke them into blocks by favorites, 1-3 are my all time favorites! 4-12 all came close and are on a pretty even keel. But SAGA was my all time least favorite, it got much better towards the end, but the really good stuff got the good old recard treatment for OTC and Post OTC. If I bought only 1 version of the recards it would be on the OTC style packaging! Oh and I threw the HOF into the SAGA category.
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    Re: Rank your favorite 3.75 inch Star Wars lines!

    Clone Wars(non animated)

    I only listed the ones I got. I didnt get SOTE, EU, CW Animated. I also didnt break up the POTF2 lines. To me same line, different gimmicks.
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    Re: Rank your favorite 3.75 inch Star Wars lines!

    I just put all of POTFII into one catagory,didnt see the need to break it up for my rankings.

    5.Clone Wars
    6.Animated Clone Wars
    7.EU - Would have been much better if Jade didnt look like Man
    8.POTFII(Including Flashback)
    11.Episode I

    Saga and Episode One,I could have tied them but it was close either way.Both lines werent well produced,especially the first collections.
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    Re: Rank your favorite 3.75 inch Star Wars lines!

    1) Power of the Jedi. Started the good sculpting era that were in now.
    2) Orange Card. Started it all over again.
    3) Saga. Has the biggest variety of different characters.
    4) SOTE. Leia Bouschh. Sweet character. Nuf said.
    5) Freeze Frame. I thought this was a very good gimmick and I loved looking at the pictures through the viewer.
    6) OTC. Awesome cardbacks and great figures too.
    7) Episode I. Decent sculpts. More importantly they were figures from a NEW movie.
    8) EU. I hate EU but these figures were really nice.
    9) Green Card. Gave us tons of figures that had not previously been released before.
    10) Clone Wars Animated. Just so damned cute.
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