View Poll Results: In retrospect, how do feel 2001 went for Star Wars Hasbro collecting?

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  • It was one of the best years ever!

    55 13.55%
  • 2001 was a vast improvement for product selection and / or distribution.

    125 30.79%
  • It was OK, but the products offered really didn't excite me.

    40 9.85%
  • It was OK, but distribution continued to be a problem for me.

    152 37.44%
  • I was very disappointed with the product mix and / or distribution Hasbro offered.

    34 8.37%
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    I thought 2001 was a good year for Star Wars. Hasbro is finally starting to get some good sculpts as far as faces go. And they aren't just concentrating on core characters anymore, which is awesome!!

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    The figures this year were a vast improvement than in previous years. The size of the figures was greatly imporved. Finally we get to see a Chewbacca figure that is actually taller than the rest of the figures. This was the first year that we actually started to see more of alien figures such as Amanaman, Tessek, Ellorrs Madak, Ketwol, and Zutton. This year we saw quite a few droids as well K-3P0, FX-7, R2-Q5. Not to mention jedi knights Plo-Koon, Saesee Tinn, and Eeth Koth. The problem for me though was distribution. My area never saw the Scout Trooper (Clean or Dirty) or the Darth Maul Sith Apprentice. If they were here they were in one day, gone the next. The Sandtrooper wave was also hard to find as well. Gungan Warrior hard to find as well. I think that hasbro needs to start putting more of the army builders per case because they seem to disappear real quick. The expanded universe figures this year were nothing special. Let's see more of the figures from the comics, novels, and video games produced instead of some lame rehash of a Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan that noboby wants.

    I believe that the reason that distribution was bad this year was because of a few things. First of all the stores are not ordering enough. I have given up on Toys R Us because they never have anything when I go in there. I have better luck at Target. And Second because I believe that Hasbro has cut back on making its regular figures in order to speed up prodution for the Episode II line. I mean think about it. Almost any POTF2 figure that saw a release in the last quarter of 1998 is hard to find and extremely sought after, such as the Wampa with Luke and Han with TaunTaun Beast packs. Or the Zuckuss and Expanded Universe waves.

    Here is what I would like to see made eventually. More droids and aliens. A few more Jedi Council Members, might as well finish them off. They don't have many more to do. More of Queen Amidala's wardrobe, she has enough. More playsets. It's time to make the Death Star Docking bay, or the Death Star Trash Compactor with real working walls, Dianoga Alien, an area to add water and trash, or Obi-Wan Kenobi's House, Yoda's House, Emperor's Throne room, Jedi Council Chamber, Anakin's House, Watto's Shop, Jabba's Palace with connecting Rancor Pit and Throne Room, the Cantina, Ewok Village, Podrace Arena. And they could make them so that they can connect to each other, so that all the Death Star stuff connects, and Ewok Village connects because it would have to be huge as well as the Podrace Arena. And how about for vehicles we finally see the Sandcrawler. Well that is hope anyway.

    Stuff I don't think we need. Any more rehashed Lukes, Hans, Chewbaccas, Leias, Obi-Wans. Any of the main characters that get one item added to them like Chewbacca with mechanic equipment or Han with the Stormtrooper belt or Battle Droid Boomer Damage (lame) or Jar Jar Tatooine, like we need any more lame Jar Jar figures. Let's move on from these shall we. No more Darth Maul variations. He was hardly in the first movie, so why are there 50 versions of him, including ones that aren't in the movie like the Deluxe Maul with shirt off or Darth Maul Sith Apprentice. No one cares about them. Other than that nothing else really.

    Well I have rambled on long enough and I hope at least a few people read what I had to say.

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    By the way, I'm a Target employee. We've got several of each character in the Lando, Tessek, etc. wave in the backroom. But thanks to such worthwhile releases as the Coruscant Guard, our pegs wil be full for longtime, leaving Lando to weep helplessly in the dankness of the stock room

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    A Target employee?!?!?! Get him!!!!

    That's too bad about the stores policy for pegspace. But just say, for instance, one of those Lando/Tessek cases happened to open up by accident and all the figures fell out, by accident, and a whole bunch of Coruscant Guards just happened to fall in the case. Totally by accident of course. Then you would have just enough room to put the Lando/Tessek wave on the pegs. Don't tell me your boss actually knows which figures come in which assortments.
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    BTW, I did read your post, SithDroid and I must say I agree with you totally. Well, except for wanting the EU stuff. I never understood why army builders were packed only one per case in their initial release. Knowing that most people will want at least two of them.

    However, there are still many versions of the core characters that we still need made or remade. Luke Jedi, Endor Leia, Endor Han just to name a few.
    Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split. - Robert E. Howard

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    My former Target Toy Manager is something of a celebrity and was very intelligent about Star Wars stocking policy.

    He was the student teacher shot in the Santana High School Massacre in Santee, California where he was student teaching, and where he is now successfully hired as a special education teacher.

    He is also a friend and a fan. He used to collect a little, too.

    When JarJar was a problem (and he was a serious problem), a new case would come in and some of the figures would go out and some - not all - of the JarJars would be repacked.

    The principle of it is - if there's a ton of it hanging, no one will want it. Make JarJar more scarce and get rid of your backstock slowly, and even he sold to parents, non-collectors, and others who didn't know any better, and might've thought they wouldn't have an opportunity to purchase this figure over 3 years later where he's still hanging at my K-mart...

    It's called: Merchandizing

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    Good idea, Barada! My only problem would be the crazy overnite toy lady. She's got issues. She probably does know what was out.


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