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    What do you think about 'add-on effects' like Captain Typho's laser flash?

    What do you think about 'add-on effects' like Captain Typho's laser flash?

    Now that we've seen some of Episode II's figures, we've seen lightsabers come with blaster deflection effects as well as even the guns having add-on firing effects.

    Like 'em?

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    Looks silly if you ask me. It's almost as bad as the prototype Bespin Vader with the pinkish SPLASH from his hand.

    Plain and simple, just more crapola to be charged more for......
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    I don't mind them as long as they can be removed. Shaak-Ti's blast reflection looks stupid though.
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    This takes me back to the days of the Flashback figures, and especially Palpatine's force lightning bolts which were detachable. In that case, removing the effects would make the figure look pretty dumb. I'd be inclined to remove any deflected/produced blaster shots from Jedi, Naboo or any other figures, unless of course it is complementary and enhances the figure. Just another way Hasbro is able to recoup more money from us.

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    Hmmm, works for some but looks daft on others. If anyone noticed the little pegs on Jango and Boba's backpacks on the jet thrusters, there will obviously be little flame jets to attach to them which will look cool.
    The blast deflections on the sabers will look poo. But the blaster bolts will look okat if you like to make dioramas or play with the toys, no longer will the toys just stand threateningly, now they can actually shoot other characters. That has to be cool surely?
    I'm not sure that whoever took the photos of the prototypes has any kind of imagination though as they obviously thought the blasts were some kind of hand held accessory when it was patently obvious that they were blasts to go with guns and sabers and hand deflections in the case of Plo Koon by the looks of it.
    I'll wait until I see them close up and factory produced before passing final judgement because the Hasbro promo pics are always misleading in that they show the toys in a far better light than the actual toys that hit retail.

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    I think they are kinda dumb and unnecessary. I can't imagine these things will help the figures stand any better than they already don't. Yeah... I was really confused when I first saw these things on the prototypes. I was like, "What are those weird candy things they are holding???" Now it makes sense... well, not much, but a little more. More things for kids to lose. More things for kids to swallow and choke on before they decide they arean't safe and discontinue these as well.
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    Thumbs up

    I really wish people would stop complaining about these. From what I have seen NONE of them are permanent, they come off. I think they are great for dioramas.

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    Look, I know we're pretty much universally dissappointed in the ep 2 figs thus far, but some of the negativity is a bit out of control. We're gonna criticize these accessories for being choking hazards now? Or being "more to lose" or "an excuse to charge more"? Let's not get carried away!

    I can see basing your opinion on how they look, or how useful/necessary you find them relative to other accessories, but the criticisms above are a bit ridiculous. Particularly because they would apply to just about anything Hasbro could decide to include with the figures.

    I'm guardedly optimistic about these effects. By far the best thing about them is that they are (apparently) detachable--if you don't like them, throw 'em in a box with the rest of the extra accessories we've been given in the past. At least these are different and, at least potentially, cool.

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    They are for kids after all....

    I really do not mind the add on accessories. As these are supposed to appeal to kids, it makes sense to me that the figures would have some more to them. We collectors just want a figure of our favorite character(s), Mom and Dad Q. Public want bang for the buck. If the items are not removable, my guess is that they are, then we can selectively choose what we want to buy. Perhaps all the gripers out there could boycott the off the wall accessories and send Hasbro a message??? Hey at least there'd be more for the rest of us who really don't care!!

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    They are REMOVEABLE accessories.

    I am anticipating they will look awesome in diorama set-ups!


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