View Poll Results: In retrospect, how do feel 2001 went for Star Wars Hasbro collecting?

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  • It was one of the best years ever!

    55 13.55%
  • 2001 was a vast improvement for product selection and / or distribution.

    125 30.79%
  • It was OK, but the products offered really didn't excite me.

    40 9.85%
  • It was OK, but distribution continued to be a problem for me.

    152 37.44%
  • I was very disappointed with the product mix and / or distribution Hasbro offered.

    34 8.37%
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    In retrospect, how do you think 2001 went for Star Wars collecting?

    Let's talk about your feelings at the year's end.

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    I was very disappointed with the product mix and / or distribution Hasbro offered.
    All the bottom 3 apply to me but I feel we got heaps of Main characters (which we really didn't need) and the distribution of the toys totally blows!
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    There were a lot of good products put out this year but they were very hard to find unless you pay on line.

    I was very disappointed about the jedi masters. Not to many were put out. I hopeing that this coming year will be a better year for the collectors and the fans.
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    Well, it was a good year if you like having to order every single thing you find, practically, online. Some good figures came out, but like everyone else, I feel the distribution, or lack thereof, damn near killed it for me.

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    It was a good year for the most part, was able to find assortments about a month or so after release, 12", deluxe figures and ships plentiful (except Toys R Us Tie Fighter). I can't go to the stores in the mornings like I did back in 90's, I got a real job, so some figures were bought on line. I sure do miss speed walking (OK RUNNING) to the Star Wars isle and seeing those new releases! I will never forget when I went to Target way back when and saw the FF Sandtrooper, Boba, Tie, and so on on the pegs. It was funny to see the look on some of the other collectors faces. Some were happy like I was and bought two of each and others were ****ed that Kenner just recarded and added a slide to an old line of figures. I was impressed with the Freeze Frame line, I was sad to see it go! What am I going to do with 12 slide holders. Hasbro, keep up the good work and please do something with the rubbery pastic.
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    Someone I saw posting in these forums who claimed to have worked for Hasbro in past years said the rubbery plastic (and I assume you'd point to Aurra Sing's rifle or Amanaman's staff as cases to point out) have to do with required toy safety standards.

    The company must have determined it would not be profitable for them to mold and card the same figure in two different series: for adults with harder plastic, and for kids to meet saftey standards.

    Furthermore, the gentleman posting said the softer plastic (and painting it) costs more than using traditional hard plastic, so they are not saving money by doing this, but complying with the law.

    I've seen Emperor Jargo post before saying that England's safety standards also apply here: they won't allow sharp or hard plastic on fine-point parts or weapons. It also was not effective for Hasbro to make different versions for UK shipping versus elsewhere. Not to mention, variation hunters would require psychiatric care.

    Meanwhile, I heard similar information divulged by Hasbro in a Q&A about why Aurra Sing was not sculpted with her antenna, and they said she never will be as it won't pass safety standards, or it will droop and not pass quality control.

    I myself would say "let a few kids die or poke their eyes out... who cares? I like the harder plastic for higher accuracy and I got through childhood without injuring myself." Some of you who are parents might not agree.

    While this is a valid concern for the quality of products we saw in 2001, it's also still on topic to focus on a lot of other things and I'll chime in about that later, once the "using rubber for protection issue" is resolved.

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    Actually, I do think other issues brought up are worth talking about now:

    In terms of distribution, I'm thinking about polling people about "7am shopping" as it is relevant to distribution: I had no problem finding any wave this year myself, and I was able to get multiples of figures I wanted. Eventually I did find more convenient for my Imperial Officer army (6 figures was all I needed) but for the most part, I went out "hunting" for all my product. One reason I have gone to school to get a better job is to afford the things I want (obviously that means Star Wars amongst other things) - and so if I'm up in the mornings to go to work, I make the time to hit the stores in order to be able to buy the Star Wars I want at prices I think are fair for the money I'm earning.

    In terms of product offerings and GNT's comments about main characters - I'm honestly not sure if he's right:

    R= resculpt---------- JP = Jabba's---------- CA= Cantina Alien-------------
    PR = pod race-------------p-w = peg warmer

    POTJ 2001

    Main Characters-----------------------Secondary "cool" characters

    Leia Bespin Escape (p-w)-------------Aurra Sing (POD RACE)
    Chewie Mechanic (R)----------------SaeSae Tiin (JEDI MASTER)
    QUEEN Theed Invasion-----------------Tessek (JABBAS PALACE)
    Darth Maul (Drag Queen)--------------R2-Q5 (astro droid)
    Lando Bespin Escape (R)-------------Plo Koon (JEDI MASTER)
    JarJar Mechanic (R)---------------K-3PO
    Obi-Wan (Cold Weather)--------------IG-88 (resculpt)
    Qui-Gon (Training)-----------------------Mon Calamari (pegwarmer)
    QUEEN (Sabe decoy)-------------------Bespin Guard
    Shmi Skywalker--------------------------Ketwol (CANTINA ALIEN)
    QUEEN (black travel)-------------------Duro (CANTINA ALIEN)
    Luke (X-wing) (R)------------------FX-7
    Han Stormtrooper Belt (R)---------Imperial Officer (army builder)
    Vader (Emperor's Wrath)--------------Rebel Fleet Trooper (army bld)
    Luke Bacta Tank-------------------------Zutton (CANTINA ALIEN)
    Leia Sail Barge Cannon (R)----------Eeth Koth (JEDI MASTER)
    Darth Maul (shirtless)------------------Amanaman (JABBAS PALACE)
    ---------------------------------------------Sandtrooper (army builder)(R)

    That's 35 figures:

    3/8 Jedi Masters left were done.
    2 Jabba Goons got made (at least 10 more have to be made!)
    3 Cantina Aliens got made (at least 9 more have to be made!)
    4/35 were army builders (I have suggestions for more Imps / Rebs)
    9 / 35 were resculpts if we give shirtless Maul and EW Vader a break
    22 / 35 were Classic Star Wars (3 movies); inversely 13 / 35 were Ep. 1
    3 / 8 possilbe Padme / decoy / Queen outfits were made
    1 astromech repaint got done (I'd like 2 per year, R4's, R-5's etc.)

    There are still 6 years to do remaining figures from these categories that are not ONLY from Episodes TWO and THREE (though they better get going on Padme's wardrobe if she keeps changing ever 10 minutes during the film)

    But if you spread the remaining items we'd like out over the next 6 years, considering many of us would still like to see Classic Star Wars product during that time (not just AOTC and E3 stuff), Hasbro just put out the perfect assortment for a perfect year - the best since 1997, and they are finally on the ball with a whole lot of great improvements achieved!

    So I voted for one of the best years ever! I will remember 2001 quite fondly!
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    Well, my biggest concern with this years line was with distribution.

    I NEVER saw the B-Wing or Y-Wing and the Lando wave disappeared faster than it could hit the pegs!!!

    I am SICK of having to trade or resort to on-line sellers...if they even have 'em in get what I want.

    Meanwhile my local TRU got MASS shipments of the TIE Interceptor.

    What is going on with Hasbro's distribution? OH yeah, I forgot, we're talking about HASBRO here.

    We're all getting used to Hasbro's LOUSY distribution practices.

    I have NO HOPE in finding the last couple of waves, ZERO, ZIP, NADA, you get the point.

    Oh well, guess I'll have to buy from some STUPID e-tailer. I HATE having to pay all tose shipping charges, but since Hasbro can't get the job done I guess I'll have to pay.

    Thanks HASBRO, for the LOUSY distribution and I'm NOT looking forward to those WAY TOO HARD TO FIND exclusives.

    BTW, I am pretty happy with the selection of figures.
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    People, probably telling where you live and buy your toys would be a good idea - as a lot of distribution issues are coming up.

    SithKiller, - B-wings here sat on the shelves until they went down to $9.00 in Clearence (San Diego CA, USA)

    The Lando /Tessek wave did come and go real fast, but I got like 10 R2-Q5's with no problem on one Walmart run at 7am in the morning. (I kept 2 that I opened and distributed the rest to friends Tony, Dexter, and James who are making large flight hanger scenes and want lots of astromechs). The wave later showed up briefly at Target (around the same month - umm last April or May?) and then disappeared. It is resurfacing now at K-marts and Targets where JarJar and Lando have not been difficult to find - the other two selling better to the early birds doing dioramas with aliens and astromechs).

    By contrast, the TIE Interceptor was fairly limited in shipments here, but I haven't bought anything from Toys R Us in a while, save for the last 12" wave which I got from them online.

    Meanwhile, I'm not so sure that it was HASBRO's fault with distribution this time: I think a lot of what Walmart and Target ordered, and then how they distributed it after they received shipment, had a lot to do with it. You could have used B-wings, and I could have used Interceptors (SithKiller) - but these stores did get them - was it Hasbro's fault, or theirs (when Target decided to stock 15 pegwarming B-wings in my store and not give you any?) I don't shop TRU very often, because out here in San Diego, they are not doing a very good job (though they have the Deluxe Waves in quantity - but so did K-mart, for nealy $2 cheaper!)

    Finally, with online ordering, I'm doing some of that with and even after shipping (due to lack of tax) I am paying only $2.oo more for the total purchase (not per individual figure) - than I would by buying them at retail. Their non-mint figures are great - I can't tell what's wrong with them, and are $7.00 each. It's $7.32 after tax for any single figure to leave Target - plus gas and wasted trips when items are not in stock. Yestertoys ships Priority Mail, too. So I did not care that I saved gas, slept in, and got my figures. For kids though, I'd agree, if they can't do the 7-8 am thing, Target and Walmart are not delivering the products with great distribution. But this time around, I think it's less Hasbro's fault.

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    It was OK. I didn't know it was physically possible but the distribution both sucked and blowed at the same time.


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