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Thread: Kotobukiya

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    So who's buying these cool new Sandtroopers?!?!

    I am!!!

    These things are just waaaaaay too cool. Maybe it's because I have fallen in love with these Koto statues, now that I have them, or maybe it's because of my current obsession with OT Imperial Troops, but I must have these. I pre-ordered them today on!

    As for the Orange pauldron guy, it looks like he will be a Japanese exclusive, limited edition, which probably means he will go for twice the price on Ebay. I checked shopstarwars and EE, and they don't have anything on the Orange Sandtrooper.

    These are soo cool, from what I read you will be able to interchange them to make all kinds of cool poses!
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    Re: Kotobukiya Orange Pal. Sandtrooper??

    I'm still trying to track down a basic Stormtrooper Koto. The hunt goes on...
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Umm, have you tried here:

    The only draw back is that it dosen't ship til June 05.
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    oops double post.
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    Re: Kotobukiya just got in several Kotos!

    Yoda $64.99
    Darth Vader $139.99
    Darth Maul $99.99
    Boba Fett $99.99
    Jango Fett $ 104.99
    Stormtrooper $99.99
    Han Solo $99.99
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn just got in several Kotos!
    Darth Vader $139.99
    What a rip! That is way too much I think. Considering I got it for $70 from

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    Re: Kotobukiya

    RS has the inside scoop on a new Scout Trooper from Koto due out in Japan in March!!! This thing is as sweet as the others! Though I would prefer a standing pose (like the upcoming Sandtroopers) as opposed to the quick draw action pose. I am still stoked about this!

    Here are links to the pics:

    Who else is going to be getting one of these?
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    I was looking at the new Sandtrooper and I'm kind of turned off by them for one reason. The stance looks feminine, like there's girl under the uniform, maybe women or gays in the military in the SW universe.
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    The only reason I don't collect these is because I can't afford to get into another line.

    I gotta say though, that Scout Trooper is tempting.... You know they'll do a Snowtrooper too, I bet that will be pretty damn cool.

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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Biker Scout looks awesome!!! It's going to be an expensive year once again!


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