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Thread: Kotobukiya

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    I'm tempted to get the Snowtrooper. But I'm squeezing $ now while I'm moving.
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    Well I went ahead and bought the Snowtrooper, along with the 4-LOM ($ sold out)!!!

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonthejedi View Post
    BBTS has some unbelievable clearance deals on SW Koto models...39.95 for cmdr. Bly, stormtrooper & snowtrooper; others too, but not as cheap.
    Dang, good 411, I was really tempted too, that Bly looks so good in person, but I am a horrible duster and have no space right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73 View Post
    It wasn't difficult to open, it was just overdone. I'm sure it was done that way to help justify the pricepoint. It looks fantastic, the art on the boxes is really well done, but in the end all I care about is the model not what it comes in. Every piece could easily be examined from all sides without taking it out of the package. I think it could have been done much more efficiently without any risk of the pieces rubbing together and messing up the fantastic paint job.

    There is an outer box that holds the 6 individual boxed kits. It's nice and has a convenient (and completely unnecessary) handle to carry it with. Inside the well decorated outer box are the 6 individual kits which have everything spaced out in plastic trays with plastic wrap around many bigger pieces and others in baggies. The plastic trays have another plastic tray over the top of them so you can't scratch the pieces removing them from the box. It's probably over 90% dead-space. On the upside, short of it being run over by a truck, I don't see any way to damage the kit before you get it home.

    As for the total size, the footprint of the whole display is probably 16"*16" give or take an inch or two. I have it in an entertainment center I built a few years ago and it takes up the better part of the shelf.
    Cool. I saw the assembled model at Comic-Con last year, but their display doesn't give a real world feel to it, it seems so ethereally cool that I couldn't fit it into my mental view of my collection.
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