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Thread: Kotobukiya

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    Does anyone else collect Kotobukiya Star Wars items? If so, what do you have & what is your favorite.

    So far I have Vader, Maul, Jango, Boba, and the Clone Trooper. These are some of my favorite items to collect & only buy them when I can get them under $75.

    I have to say that the Boba Fett is amazing & by far the best of what I have seen in person. I'm really looking forward to the Yoda & Sandtrooper coming out in 2005

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    Re: Kotobukiya

    I had the chance to pick these up while I was in Japan. I bought Vader, Maul, Boba Fett and the Stormtrooper/Luke Trooper. I love these! I plan on buying the Yoda and Sandtrooper as well. I want to stick to the OT...non-human sculpts. Darth Maul being the one exception, he just looks tooooooo cool!
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Whats the deal with the Stormtrooper/Luke Kotobukiya? Has it been released or not? Does anybody know a good place where I can get one online? I'm holding out for this one and maybe Boba Fett.

    I'd get the Darth Vader but I'm holding out for the Statues by Gentle Giant or Sideshow.
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    They do look nice, but they seem to be priced way to high. Another thing is, the up and coming Sandtrooper exclusives look to be a real pain to get a hold of. GG already gives me the run for my $.
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Stormtrooper Luke was released. I got mine for about $70.00 in Japan. I'm not sure about any good websites, but this thing ROCKS!!! Believe it or not I found Vader, Maul and Boba collecting dust at a TRU in Japan!!! I think most of them go for around $100.00 here in the states.

    I love the GG stuff, but I am sticking to the OT mini busts and the Bust-Ups lines. BTW, does anyone else find the mini busts without arms too freaky...Mace...Amidala...Zam...FREAKY!!!

    The statues are way tooo expensive for me!!! I'm just a humble enlisted man.

    Koto is cheaper than the GG statues and bigger, with exceptional detail!
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Upcoming is Yoda,Han Solo,Chewbacca & Sandtrooper

    There will be 3 versions of Sandtrooper:

    Sandtrooper w/orange pad
    Sandtrooper w/white pad - limited to 1000 pieces & Japanese only.
    Sandtrooper w/black pad - Japan TRU only.

    The base of Han Solo can connect with Chewie'e base.

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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Han is already out.
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    I'm gonna do some hunting then for the Stormtrooper Kotobukiya.

    GGs mini-busts without the arms dont bother me any.
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    Re: Kotobukiya

    Sadly if your local comic book shop doesn't carry them, then you'll need to look on eBay for a bargain. has them on their site, but they do list on eBay at lower prices that are better looking to me.

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    Kotobukiya Orange Pal. Sandtrooper??

    OK has the white & black Pal up for sale...

    But what about the Orange Pal dude ...

    I must have.... is it an exclusive somewhere??

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