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    Re: 12" OTC Figures are clearanced at Target

    WMs clearances are decided by the individual department manager some times. I see this same thing you guys are talking about all the time, especially like with 12" Zam or something super lame like that.

    BTW, I picked up the last 12" Gamorrean Guard at KB yesterday for $7.50, the box was savaged but the figure was untouched.
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    Re: 12" OTC Figures are clearanced at Target

    I was checking out all the new small figures at TARGET today. They had the complete wave and even the new cartoon network figures. WOW, Target ha raised their prices to $6.99 each for ALL of the 3 3/4 figures now!! Walmart is still $4.79
    In case you guys haven't seen them there are some EXCELLENT pics from Episode III on the following page.
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    Re: 12" OTC Figures are clearanced at Target

    Great find with the Guard, JediTricks!

    The Target I stop at the most had the POTC wave and a few of the new CW figures, all at $6.99. I passed for now. I will have to check a couple of WMs.

    I like the fact that the new CW figures aren't a specific store exclusive.

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    Re: 12" OTC Figures are clearanced at Target

    I just got a VOTC Stormtrooper for $10 at my local Wal Mart. They have like 10 Lukes and a handfull of Stormtroopers. Of course at that price, no Boba!

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    Re: 12" OTC Figures are clearanced at Target

    I wish they'd go down to $10 at TRU. I have a $20 gift card burning a hole in my wallet but I don't want to spend just to spend it. I want to actually get something I need such as the 12" VOTC that I need.
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    Re: 12" OTC Figures are clearanced at Target

    I just picked up 2 more VOTC stormys for $15 each at Mal-Mart. That makes three 12" stormtroopers that I've bought this week at that price.

    It was like mm74md said (ton-o-lukes, a few stormys), except they did have one fett. I waffled with it in my hands for a few, then ended up giving it to another collector that was eyeing it in my hands.

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    Re: 12" OTC Figures are clearanced at Target

    I found the 12" VOTC Luke at Target for $7, so I picked up 2. I found the 12" VOTC Boba Fett at Wal-Mart last night for $17, so I bought it.
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