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    Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    The various members of the Loyalist Committee:

    There were two Twi-Lek females who were aides to the fat blue male Twi-Lek senator (I forgot his name)--one female was green and the other was blue. They appeared in the beginning in Palpatine's office when the Loyalists arrived.

    Young Owen & Beru

    Cleat Lars

    Queen Jamila

    Padme's new bodyguards: Cordae & Dormae
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    Cliegg Lars has been top on my list since I have seen the movie.

    They have made most of the neccessary characters for this fillm, but I am fearful of Hasbro not making the rest of the needed figures.
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    He's probably the most "main" character not yet made. The could even make a cool rip-cord wheel chair on clear wheels. You and all of your friends could race your Clieggs. Winner gets his leg back.
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    Cliegg Lars, Owen Lars, Beru Whitesun are all in my Top Five most wanted figures for the whole Saga.

    Anakin and Obi-wan with a neutral pose wearing their Jedi robes. A Padme wearing the "Leia-like" white outfit that doesn't have a scream on her face.

    Jocasta Nu.

    Queen Jamilla.

    The Naboo "clergyman" who married Anakin and Padme.

    Dorme and Corde.

    An old Sio Bibble.

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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    Here are some ideas:

    RIC-920, the taxi droid on Tatooine. Another droid is always good to have.
    Ask Aak, the Senator from Malastare. The only Gran we have so far is Ree Yees.
    Madame Jocasta Nu, the Jedi Librarian. She could come with an action feature like "Force shhhh-ing action" or "super patronizing power".
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    I wouldnt mind seeing the Asian Jedi from the Arena battle. And Shmis new family members still need to be made. Hopefully we get some more Episode 2 figures later this year.
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    Top of my list would be Cliegg, Owen, Beru, and every last Jedi seen.
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    Tops is the Lars family, then Jocasta Nu, then the JEdi's and Dookus Pit Droid
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    Owen Lars, Beru, and Cliegg Lars with removable legs and hover chair. Thats what I want. I'd also like figures of the Lost 20
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    Re: Episode II Figures That Should Be Made

    Like everyone else, I want the Lars family and Jocasta Nu. Also:
    *Bultar Swan (the last remaining "ignition" Jedi not made)
    *Jedi from arena survivor circle (black human, Weequay, Klatooinian)
    *More separatists from table meeting
    *More loyalists (Ask Aak, Twi'leks, Dormé)
    *Cordé (dead)
    *Dooku's maintenance droid
    *Queen Jamilia
    *More Padmé outfits
    *Jar Jar's other costume
    *Yoda with a lightsaber (cause we hardly have any of those )
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