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    r2dee2 has passed away

    Gang, I'm afraid I have the unpleasant task of bringing unhappy news about our friend Marilyn (aka r2dee2), she and her husband temporarily relocated to Hawaii, I heard from her husband today and it seems that she is very ill and is in the hospital waiting to have surgery early next week. I'm not sure if she even has access to her email, her husband emailed me from his email while with her at the hospital.

    Marilyn has been a friend to all of us here for some time now, and a most welcome part of these forums, not to mention one of the coolest Star Wars collectors I've ever known. I don't really know what to say, but I hope you join me in wishing her the speediest of recoveries.


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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everything goes well.

    Keep us posted, if you can.
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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    Here is to a speedy recovery and all good news for R2. JT is right, she is downright cool and a great person. Thoughts and prayers to her.
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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    Please let her know she is in our hearts and thoughts, and we wish her a speedy, full recovery. I'd appreciate it if you could keep us updated.
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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    By the way, I forgot this last time, I'm not terribly good at this sort of stuff and just didn't put in everything I meant to. Another thing Marilyn wanted to let us know is "She wants to express her gratitude for all of the support she's gotten through the years, and really appreciates being a part of the Micromachine community at Sir Steve's Guide." I feel a bit like a heel forgetting that part. I really hope she'll be ok.

    As for updates, unless I'm specifically asked not to, I'll report on anything I hear. And with luck Marilyn will be feeling better enough soon to see this thread and let us know that she's on the mend.
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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    I hope she gets better, she's been really fun and helpful

    Get well soon!
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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital


    If you do correspond with Marilyns husband again, please let him know that we are thinking about her.


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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    Always bad to hear bad news about good people...
    I haven't had too much interaction with R2, but she seemed to be sweet from our few exchanges...
    I hope she knows that and the Force is with her

    Here's to a speedy recovery
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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    Thanks for passing on the news Jeditricks, lets hope our collective thoughts of goodwishes will do some good.

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    Re: r2dee2 is in the hospital

    My hopes and prayers are with you Marilyn.
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    May God give you strength and hope.
    I am thinking of you and your family.

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