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    Quote Originally Posted by vulcantouch
    bfrett: "doesn't matter about the box"
    -ok then, since you're flexible on that point and you've been much better about keeping up with query replies here than your "ridell rival", how bout this: so far i've found 1 stormy (opened) and 2 rebpilots (1 opened, one not; i found box for former tho). if i can't find a 2nd stormy you get the stormy And an opened rebpilot, and other guy gets boxed of whatever remains, sound good? and of course if other guy Really wants stormy we could always let him have your cracked one eh?
    Sounds good to me, The Rebel helmet is a must though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vulcantouch
    ...bobbyf: "don't need these"
    -roger, no jacked-up cards for you

    "I'll take them if it'll help clean up the house"
    -thanx, it would- but let's wait on such selfless offers til after we see how much "cleaning" we can accomplish with Wanted items but so far i haven't been able to discern the diff between straight and curved bubbles re your e2 clones, so i may end up, as you proposed, sending all those to you to figure out for yourself & charity-auction the unwanteds, ok?

    Sounds super!

    Thanks Boss!
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    [/quote=vt]kh: "three packs or single carded"
    -so far only found a yellow e2 clone in a cw 3-pack; i assume you want?

    "will take all posters you can grab"
    -ok then; didn't grab any this time (truckbed was already full), but i will

    "especially the old obi-wan"
    -actually that reference was to a figure you said you wanted (copied, as it turned out, from sergi's wantlist)[/quote]

    1st - me wanty

    2- no problem, grab what you can when you can

    3- Any old obi-wan figs are all good. the more the merrier
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    Thanks for the e- mail VT, I haven't been online much lately.

    I don't need the Saga reissued Battlepacks, but ships other than DVs Tie Fighter and Solar Sailers would be wanted. For original Battlepacks I'd mainly want troops, like Battle Packs 17 & 18 loose or carded. At-Sts would be good too as well as any other troop figures from the other BPs. Oh, I need BP 16 carded, I somehow never noticed the one I have was taped closed, .

    I didn't expect there to be so many MM figure sets, so here's what I'll want:

    All Stormtroopers, all Biker Scouts, all Endor Rebels, 3 Tusken Raiders, 3 Jawas, all Hoth Rebels, all Imperial Naval Troops, 5 Imperial Officers, all Rebel Fleet Troops, and all Ewoks. All Battledroids from E1 as well if there are any available. The cardbacks don't matter to me.

    Unleashed: Unmasked Vader, Han Solo, Stormtrooper, Aura Sing, I know I need more, but my mind doesn't seem to be working at the moment, if I remember later I'll update, if not maybe they are all I need now.

    The Wampa Buddy will be good too, I was hoping for larger stuffed items like the baby ewoks or Chewbacca from the vintage line or any stuffed items from the newer lines.

    If the extra Mini Scenes are still available I'd take any extras of all 8 that are available, loose or carded.

    VT: If you need a response from me in the near future please send an e-mail like you just did. Something's wrong with my laptop so I've been checking my e-mail on my girlfriends laptop and don't have my bookmarks set up on it, so I don't check here too much. Hopefully mine will be working again soon though.


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    Here was my list on the #205 post.

    Alpha Cloud Car
    Ep.1 Generator Core Duel miniscene
    Ep.1 Darth Maul/Theed Generator Playset
    Ep.1 Gungan Sub/Otoh Gunga Inside Playset
    Ep.1 Trade Federation MTT/Naboo Battlefield Playset Theed Palace Assault
    Ep.1 Theed Palace Assault playset
    Ep.1 Galactic Dogfight
    Ep.1 Naboo Temple Ruins
    Ep.1 Theed Rapids
    Ep.1 Tatooine Desert

    Unfortunately I won't be able to buy them all even if they were in numbers enough for all of us (please remember I'm from Eastern Europe => low salary and also had some personal problems that don't allow me to stick to this request anymore). But would be still interested in a few of them. Thank you
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    Hi VT, thanks for the email. I haven't been on too much lately either. Ideally, I'm looking for about 5 or 6 BD's, preferably a nice mix of E1 and later (like POTJ).
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    Exclamation roger-roger e1/later bdroid mix, de22 :)

    i've confirmed the following has been brought back for each of you so far. several of these groupings comprise either the entirety of what some of you requested or shipments big enough to send. in those cases, as soon as y'all can provide me w/original retail prices for your listed items (bobbyf's volunteered to help with that- plz direct inquiries to him), i'll be ready to start assembling pkgs, pricing their postage, calculating & accepting your payment and shipping them to you. however prices are often noted when price tags are already present, which presumably indicate what dee paid- & which is what you'd pay- and in many cases are below srp

    bobbyf: 12" atst driver & ds trooper
    bend ems: dv, 2x redguard, 2x stormy, srp $3 each
    opened/mint collfleet ssd, $30
    millen-coin snowtroop
    ff atst
    ff boba
    ff sandtr, $5.76
    ff storm
    ff tie-p
    tri-logo dv w/interrodroid
    carded dv w/sote pose cape
    e1 ekas: .0000; Small Stripes on Shoulder
    .0000; Large Stripes on Shoulder
    .0000 Battle Damaged, $2.09
    (she also had a tri-logo eka, lmk if interested)
    boomer damage bdroids: .0100; Typeset Error
    .0300;Typeset Error
    .0400;Typeset Error
    e1 bdroids: .00; Clean Droid; Large Face Photo
    .00; Dirty, Large Face Photo
    .00; Shot, Large Face Photo
    .0100; Clean Droid
    .0100; Dirty Droid
    .0100; Shot Droid
    (others she had: .02 shot, .02 shot w upside-down commtech chip pic, .02 clean & .02 dirty; lmk if need any of these )
    btw not sure i can tell diff twixt "thin & thick slice" bd variants; might end up sending those xtras to you too, ok? lmk

    cae: aotc snowglobe

    kak: ellors madak
    saga pilot obi

    fuzzyj: 1 each of ep1 children's books Anakin's Race For Freedom, Watch Out JarJar, I Am A Droid & I Am A Jedi, srp $3.59 each; many more as i get round to diggin em up

    thrawn: ephant, silver fett & clone (note: you ain't checked in here in over a year, much less asked followup quextions addressed to you, so you're risking forfeit to anyone else who asks for these high-demand items )

    lbc: 1 each of e1 miniscenes 1-8; #3 is priced at $2 meanwhile disregard prev inquiry for now- it appears there Were no 1st editions of these

    bfrett: repacked/mint/complete reb & storm helmets, $80 each unless you can recall she paid otherwise

    jaysp: boxed ridell 3po, boba, rebpilot & dv; $80 each for 1st 3, $95 for dv. as you're local we can save you shipping and arrange to meet up if you wish. and since i'm a west-sider and you're an auroran (i didn't know you used to work for the sw/st fanclub- i'm gonna hafta start respectin you more ), i'd suggest a meet-halfway point like say the yummy-gal-rich cherry creek district? also i may yet locate a 2nd stormy (bfrett's getting the 1st- review thred history) so we can hold off on deal-closing till then if you wish

    rj: af sithinf
    af royalstarsh
    af alpha n1
    af gunship
    kmart-xclusive jta 5-pack (34.03 incl. tax- not part of deespensation bill but can be included w/shipment)
    also don't let me forget to enclose galactica, pegasus & 1 xtra display stand- & don't You fergit to enclose furutavoy & pegasus w/payment

    ws: collfleet rbr, $12
    collfleet isd, $10
    oom9 w/white-back ct
    sandtroop ff (pending answer to previous quextion )
    $5.38 plokoon fighter (not part of deespensation, & pending hunttrade agreement)

    dt7: af royal starsh
    alpha royal starsh
    alpha droidfighter (btw lmk if you don't care about the mini-sized normal-design droid fighter this comes with )
    alpha n1
    3-button af atat
    battlepack #11 (other 11-18s available, i just ain't got to em yet)

    serg: miniscene #8 gencore duel
    theed palace assault
    tat desert
    dmaul/theedgen playset
    gungsub/otohg playset
    nabtemple ruins
    theed rapids
    gal dogfight
    mtt/nabattle playset, $8

    jt: "Tomy vehicle dioramas - I'm asking"
    -ok therefore current holds for you are:
    4 of 5 opened tomy wave1 fig/dioramas (5th is still down there, but available)
    playmates ent-b $25.99
    individually-numbered af vadertie (courtesy gsj; plz confirm desire)
    btw i may be making another road-trip to l.a. anytime in the next few weeks or months, in which case we could likely arrange to hand-drop pkg again to save you postage

    kh: "Any old obi-wan figs"
    -one of each, or as many as she has? opened or unopened preferences? also do you seek minute variants like "long saber", "trilogo" or whatever? lmk meanwhile holding for you:
    cw 3-pack w/yellow clone
    (need any other eu figs? she had multiples of all 7 )

    jg: plz confirm you seek 1 each of ep1 mm packs I-XIII meanwhile holding 4u:
    epic #s 4-6, $10 (did you also need epics 1-3?)
    alpha tyderium
    alpha xwing, $4 (you also wanted "white variation"? more info on this plz )
    alpha atat, $4
    alpha bwing priced at $20
    alpha sithinf priced at $20 (btw lmk if you plan to open this and you don't care about the mini-sized normal-design sithinf this comes with )
    rogue2 snowspeeder priced at $6
    emblemless green a-wing
    both targ rebforces gift sets- one is $3.50
    both imp forces gift sets- one is $3.50
    19-pc. master collector edition $30
    naboo hangar/final combat, $25
    theater-giveaway mini-mm 3-pak
    mm figure packs: my impression is you intend to display these unopened, yes? if so i would suggest that i pick one of each for you from those waves in which they were introduced. that way you would would get not only the maximum variety of cardbacks, but a variety that would in itself illustrate the chronology of each set's introduction. thus:
    1994 release (reb pilot/imp pilot/stormy/ewok card design): ewoks, reb pilots, imp pilots & stormies
    '95 (xwing w/"space" logo design): echo base troops, imp officers & jawas
    '96 (xwing w/sw logo design): classic chars, imp naval troops, reb fleet troops & tuskens
    '97 (stripe/orange design): bounty hunters, classic revised, endor rebels & scout troops
    the one exception to this scheme you might desire is the imp naval troops, as the bubble on the '96 is detached from the card and was reattached with tape. if you would find this unfit for display i would suggest we substitute a '97 card (stripe/orange) for it. i'm currently reserving one each of the detached-bubble '96 and the '97 imp naval sets for you until i hear your decision
    40-pc master collection, $40 (note to s43: you also indicated desire for a mint one of these, but this box has a few creases so i figure jg the more logical recipient, yes? thoughts?)

    s43: "Han Solo loose"
    -any old loose han, it don't matter?

    "other than DVs Tie Fighter and Solar Sailers"
    -or falcons, right? lmk meanwhile, brought back following af for you:
    loose imp lander, incl. stand & 2 figs
    2 boxed acclimators
    1 atte
    1 saga atat
    idea: matt (below) claimed dee's only tie-def first, an unopened one. however iirc he's an opener so might wanna try making arrangements to send him your opened one in xchange for me sending you his claimed-unopened one
    also, even after jg gets one of each ot mm fig set (above) it looks like we'll still be able to accomodate desired quantities of each you specifed, exc. for tuskens (2, not 3, of those look to be available). also, while a few were priced at $6 or $7, many more were priced between $2 and $3 behold:
    1 scout, $6
    3 endor rebels, 2 priced $6
    2 tuskens
    4 imp navals, 3 at $2.50
    3 jawas, 1 at $2.50
    5 imp officers, 2 at $2.50
    7 echorebs, 2 at $2.50
    4 ewoks, 1 at $7, 1 at $2, 1 at $2.50
    4 stormys, 1 at $2.50
    4 rebfleets (i still need to check indiv prices)
    also plz confirm you seek no reb or imp pilots

    matt: tie-def
    af sithinf
    af sebulbapod, $5.43
    $3 af virago
    still no sign she had any furutas (and i doubt she did), but in xchange for letting me keep r7 might you like me to throw in an xtra furuta tojo sent me? maybe a borg cube, agt ent-d or galileo since i have 2 xtra of each of those? (& lmk if you might be interested in buying/trading for additionals

    slick: are the startour droids you want openers? cuz their cards aren't in prime shape. lmk

    af jabbarge
    alpha bwing, $20
    af marspod
    af tfdcs
    alpha sithfiltrator, $20 (see above inquiry to jg re this item )

    still unclaimed but i'm sure someone would want, so say so if:
    foriegn-xclusive 7-pc minihead box w/3po
    avon-canada-xclusive droid escape battlepack
    loose gen veers from atat vehicle
    silver r2 (tru giveaway)
    mcq sketchtrooper
    aussie-club-xclusive w/royal starship holo mm (~$10-11 final cost)
    af tradefed lander (would any recipient of this mind if i opened, looked at & possibly kept one of the mini-mtts it includes? )
    also brought back for myself: galactic senate playset, for 1 senate pod & the landing platform (anyone want any of the rest of this playset?)
    i also discovered that the ti-p & atatdriver minihead figs i brought back fit nicely into the ts jsf cockpits
    btw i did pass on to mike our inquiries re dee's website being down; he said he'd look into it
    lmk if any quextions or corrections-

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    Thanks VT, I believe the AOTC snowglobe SRPed for $40 but like I said earlier, I'll pay extra for it...extra to Mike for his travels and/or overhead storage costs like we talked about on the last page.

    I will email you my address right away.

    Have you decided if you are going to take in the whole payment and then pay Mike back? I wouldn't mind sending separate payments, one to him for my item and one to you for shipment, just let me know what is preferred. Also, let me know the preferred method of payment:
    check, money order, or PayPal + the 4% fee or whatever they charge. I can make payment however you want.

    Thanks again and if you change your mind about accepting an added handling fee, let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vulcantouch
    slick: are the startour droids you want openers? cuz their cards aren't in prime shape. lmk
    Unfortunately I'm a MOC kinda guy (sorry Reefer ) so I'm gonna have to pass. I really appreciate what you're doing and I feel bad for having to decline after all of the hard work you've done.

    If the silver Fett is in good shape I'll go for that though. Just let me know.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    individually-numbered af vadertie
    Confirming, yes.

    4 of 5 opened tomy wave1 fig/dioramas (5th is still down there, but available)
    Um... I guess I'll take all 5 if that's the notion, might as well, right? I can't get you a price on these though as I have no idea what they cost her.

    af tradefed lander (would any recipient of this mind if i opened, looked at & possibly kept one of the mini-mtts it includes? )
    I am NOT requesting this item, just pointing out that only 1 of the mini MTTs is removable, the rear one is glued in.

    And if you wanna drop it with my mailbox guys like last time, that's good by me. Will you have regular web access out here?
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