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    What do you still need?

    Well I am hoping to try and get this section here going a little bit more, so what do you guys still need to complete your collection?
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    Re: What do you still need?

    Oy, I'd need to dig through my lists, but I am still missing about 10 figures. Mostly the later POTF coin ones. But I'm not eager to dish out upwards of $50 bucks per for a loose semi-decent piece of plastic.

    Apart from that, I'm missing some of the mini-rigs and just a couple of playsets.

    I'd like to get ahold of all the EWOKS and DROIDS figures, but that'll come later on in life.

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    Re: What do you still need?

    All i'm after is a Palitoy logoed carded figure. Not fussed what figure though.

    Was hoping to include one before I completed my carded set, but to no avail...

    Hopefully pick one up permitting, as they're not cheap.
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    Re: What do you still need?

    -Vinyl-Caped Jawa
    -Carbonite for POTF Han

    -Imperial Shuttle
    -Rebel Transport
    -Few mini rigs
    -Ewok Glider
    -A wing
    -Ewok Battle Wagon

    -Jabba Dungeon

    -Rifle case


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    Re: What do you still need?

    Here's what I need:

    Cantina Adventure Set
    Land Of The Jawas
    Ice Planet Hoth
    Ewok Battle Wagon (I have the Robin Hood one for now)
    Death Star Playset (cardboard)
    Dagobah Playset
    POTF Jabba Dungeon (tan)

    I need some non-USA variants too.

    I didn't like the cardboard playsets years ago, but now I think they're cool!

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    Re: What do you still need?

    Personally I consisted my vintage collection to be complete. But there are a few items I don't have that I could still get.

    Vinyl cases: I have one of the ESB cases, but not the others

    Mini-rigs: I have two from childhood and two more I just happen to pick up as part of a "Hoth" lot.

    Display stands: There's a reason I don't own any to begin with.

    Imperial Cruiser: The non electronic version of the Imperial Troop Transporter. i thought about getting this.

    The POTF Jabba the Hutt Dungeon (tan version): If I could find a cheap complete one (but without any figures) I buy it, but until then.

    Ewok Battle Wagon: I've thought about it, but its more an Ewoks item than a POTF one.

    Droids stuff: I own one droid item, the A-Wing, but have no interested in the rest.

    Ewoks figures: I remember like the this show better than Droids, but figures do nothing for me and I like Ewoks.

    Foreign toys: I like to own a Payitoy Death Star, but finding one in good shape is hard and very expensive. I have a Yak Face and unless I go carded most of the stuff is the same any way.

    Carded: All my stuff loose so I could started a carded collection (don't hold your breath).

    Variations: I have one of each figure and no variations (for the most part), so I could start going after major variations.
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    Re: What do you still need?

    I missed some of the POTF figs when they came out; I just couldn't afford to get them all back then. Barada, Imperial Dignitary, one or two of the Ewoks, etc.

    I also need the EWOKS Animated Series figures; I sacrificed those in order to buy the the DROIDS figures.

    Of course I don't have Vlix, Yak Face, or Blue Snag - hell I didn't even know the first two existed until relatively recently.

    I have almost all the vehicles and playsets, except for ones I intentionally passed on back then, like some of the Mini-Rigs. I do need an ATL Interceptor from DROIDS, the Tauntaun with slit belly, and the Cantina playset though (I used to build one out of wooden blocks).

    I'd like to have more of the MicroCollection sets although I think I have the complete Hoth, Bespin, and Death Star environments. I really need to repaint some of my die-cast figures though - does anyone know what kind of paint would be best for that?

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    Re: What do you still need?

    Sise Fromm from the DROIDS series. This one has been on my wanted list for a long, long time. Can't really afford one right now, but back when I could, whenever I saw one on eBay, it was carded...and I just can't bring myself to open a carded vintage.

    I've got a few missing weapons too, but that's no biggie.

    One could probably add Vlix to my list, but who am I kidding.
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    Re: What do you still need?

    Ok well I guess I will give mine. For the most part I need some more variations:

    Green Snake Yoda
    Luke Skywalker Red/orange colored hair
    63rd POTF coin
    Vinyl Caped Jawa (I have a loose one but have no idea if its legit or not)
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    Re: What do you still need?

    I need some figures, mostly POTF line.

    I need to get a Falcon, Shuttle, X-Wing, TIE, Landspeeder and some others. I have a speeder bike but would like a few more.

    Playsets: Jabbas Throne and Dungeon, Hoth, Tatooine, Dagobah and the Cantina.
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