In the classic trilogy, Obi-Wan Kenobi told young Luke Skywalker that the boy's father was a pupil of Kenobi's and was betrayed and murdered by another pupil named Darth Vader. Later in the trilogy, Jedi Master Yoda while teaching Luke the ways of the Force made references to that same point, yet as we later learn in that same film Darth Vader actually is Anakin Skywalker, Luke's father.

In the final film, Luke confronts Obi-Wan's spirit on this issue and Kenobi tells Luke in a now-infamous quote is that what he told him Vader destroying Anakin was true... "from a certain point of view".

This has been a long-debated issue among Star Wars fans, was Obi-Wan lying in A New Hope when he told Luke that Anakin was killed by Vader, or was old Ben not lying and simply being cryptic? Putting aside any justification issue about possibly protecting Luke from a horrible and devastating truth, vote now and share YOUR certain point of view!