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    Unhappy Indiana Jones DVD - Live damn you, live!

    I think it was a repeat, by I saw the Indiana Jones special on EW this weekend. It got me really excited (you know, the good type of excited) not only for the future sequel but also the possibility for a DVD set.

    I know Lucasfilm put together a VHS four pack a couple of years ago (all three films plus one Young Indy Episode). Has anybody heard anything about a DVD set coming out? I would imagine it could take sometime knowing the Lucas has a busy schedule and that he wants to control all the production details. Next to the Classic Trilogy, this would be my top choice for a DVD set.
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    We've got a pulse! It's faint, but it's definitely a heartbeat!
    SSG's coverage of Wizard World 2001 Hasbro Q&A
    To Steve Sansweet:
    When will Episodes 4,5, and 6 and Indian Jones be on DVD?
    There are no set dates when but they WILL be available on DVD in the future.
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    Thumbs up

    It would be great to see them released. I would love to see this and perhaps it would inspire a new action figure line. I have a post about this in the "other" forum.
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    my only concern is that Lucas will release 'Special Editions' of these movies as well.

    I've thought I've heard that ol George isn't too proud of the Indy/Swordsman scene in Raiders...

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    Mmmmmm....6-disc DVD box set, full-score John Williams releases, action mouth is watering. This must happen.

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    If that's what Lucas thinks then he can get bent. That's about the best Indy scene yet. Both Spielberg and Harrison Ford thought it was great enough to shoot and they were damn right on.

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    I hear that in the Raiders special edition, GL is going to make the swordsman pull out a gun and shoot first, only he's going to miss from point blank range.

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    LOL Mike. Good one.

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    Thumbs up

    Here's my vote for the release in DVD of these great movies, maybe we will get to see deleted scenes?? Lets hope!!

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    Yeah Mandalorian, Mike beat me to the punchline on that one. Good one, Mike.


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