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    Re: Recent Purchases?

    I've only recently begun to rebuild my vintage figure collection (which I sold the summer before I got married - money was talking pretty loud at that point). The VOTC relreases made up my mind - I wanted at least those 12 vintage figures (loose) to display with those versions and the retro look cards.

    My first deal wasn't bad - 3 loose figures (all of which were c9 or better) for $50 CDN shipped: Darth Vader (saber tip intact), C3PO, and Chewie.

    My second deal was a good one - 9 loose figures (all of which arrived c9 except for Lando) for $92 including shipping:

    ANH Leia
    Han Solo (small head)
    Obi Wan Kenobi (saber tip intact)
    Boba Fett
    Power Droid
    Lando Calrissean
    Yoda (orange snake)
    R2D2 (no scope, very white sticker)

    My latest deal (I haven't received the figures yet, but the same seller as deal #2) isn't too bad either:

    B-Wing Pilot (which I'm going to repackage on a POTF card I have complete with bubble and coin)
    Lando Calrissean (again, in better shape than last time)
    Tusken Raider
    Luke X-Wing Pilot
    Star Destroyer Commander

    all for $100 shipped. In my opinion I've done alright so far!

    My old collection was 72 figures, most of which were in near-mint shape (the first 20 were a little more worn due to the age I was when I got them). The B-Wing Pilot will be the one of the figures I didn't have, so that's exciting for me.

    My hope is to finish my first 21 in c9 or better, then take a break while the EpIII rush is on. After that, I'll go back and work on the rest of the figures from ESB. Not sure what my final goal is - completism or just getting back to what I had as a kid.
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