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Jon, you open all your stuff right? If so, how do you display everything? You must have a nice vintage collection amassed? (spelling?)
DQ, I haven't opened everything. I only open common carded items on trashed cards, such as the Rancor Keeper I just got, or commonly found baggied figures such as C3PO or Endor Han (and then only because he comes with a unique blaster variation I wanted to make sure I got). I actually only had one other vintage carded figure before these two that I keep on the card, a Lando General.

As for this gunner, I am probably going to put him in a clamshell for the remainder of the year and see if I can get more than I paid for him around Christmas.

As far as my collection goes, the "Getting All the Vintage Figures" figures thread was my attempt to sort of "blog" my experience in getting all of the figures. I will be up to about 80-odd loose figures by the end of the month. Their conditions range from pretty lousy (figures I had as a kid) to dead mint (figures only recently opened). I have about half my collection displayed in a case I hade with my dad a few years ago, but it only has 42 spaces. There was a picture of it on Jeditricks' site while SSG was down. We are working on a 100 slot shadow box that measures 4 feet x 5 feet which will hold everything and have much bigger individual spaces. I will take a picture of it to post when it and my collection are complete!

Here is a pic of the old case with the first 50 or so figures I had (mostly my childhood collection): http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g1...0/StarWars.jpg