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But mad props to you on your finds lately!
Thanks, I think the vintage POTF line is the reason I'm still collecting to this day. Those 13 new figures on the back of the 92-back card were the great "ones that got away" when I was a kid and I became kind of fixated on them.

I do remember seeing Yak Face as a kid on the old Planetary Map, but it was just for a brief moment and I never thought he had actually been made.

I was 13 in 1986, getting ready to start 8th grade when I first saw the POTF figures already on clearance racks. All through high school my brother and I began accumulating the old collections from all of our friends who were outgrowing Star Wars. Even then, I never saw a single one of the POTF figures and their legendary status just kept growing in my mind.

In fact, the first time I ever saw any of the POTF figures in person was in 1996, when I bought a Barada figure. Ten years after first becoming aware of the line.

So right now, I'm operating under the theory that missing out on the last 14 Star Wars figures is the source of my collecting obsession. If that's true, then I hope to see a significant drop in my desire to buy new products in 2008. I believe that a thousand dollars spent on these figures now will save me thousands later on down the road in impulse purchases.

Of course now, for the first time ever, my Star Wars collection is crossing the line into the investment category, since these figures are still commanding high prices on ebay. So, I'm becoming more concerned about storage and lighting and humidity and stuff like that.

I know that sunlight and flourescent bulbs are bad, bad, bad. Which stinks because I spent a bunch of money a year ago on those spiral shaped, energy saver bulbs and I can already see the effect they've had on my newer figures. My favorite 2006 VTSC Biker Scout is already showing some minor color change on his limbs compared to the VTSC Biker Scouts that I've kept stored in a dark closet.

Any advice anyone might have on "non-destructive" lighting, display cases and controlling humidity would be much appreciated.